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    Will the wine shops in Tamil Nadu banned ?

    Hi to all memebers in Tamil Spider,

    Now the wine shops have increased very munc in tamil nadu. In every village we are able to see a wine shop. Because of these ficilities the children in their young age get into the habbit of drugs. Every one knows that liguors are bad to health as well as family. Because of these many families are separated. The labours ruine their 50 to 60 percentage of their earning in the drugs. Then how would they be to run their family well.

    Here whom should be blamed the government or the people ? since the drugs are given abundently every one gets the opportunity to drink. Now we could scarcely see the people who do not drink. Am i correct ?

    As it is one of the main income for the government it is letting it loose. Though the government does many good things for people it also gives them the way to get spoiled.

    Is there any way to abolish the drugs in Tamil nadu ? What will be the end of this ? Is it the real way to tomb ?
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    In my view, how a government can do illegal activity by selling liquor in the open market?. The government should stop selling of liquor in the open market or eradicate the selling of liquor at least in Tamilnadu. The drinking habit is the main reason for all criminal offenses. Despite the main income of the Government it should be minimized because drinking habit definitely increases the health problem which leads to increase the treatment cost at the Government hospitals.
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    Hello sir,
    I think that it is absolutely very hard to stop the selling of alcohol in the public market. It is so because their is more revenue produced by the government from these wine shops. Our government can do only one thing and that is the raise in the price of the liquor so that the use of alcohol can be minimized to a greater extend. The poor people are the most addicted people towards the alcohol as they think it prevents the pain in the body but the case is something different and it is harmonious if it is used on a large scale.
    More than that the government should take proper steps to make the awareness among the people related to this and this would stop the use of alcohols to a greater extend.

    Sudhan A

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