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    TN Govt is going to demolish all the flyovers in Chennai

    Insurance Scheme (JJ announced new insurance scheme, but still in paper)
    Salem Super Specialty Hospital

    Anna Library

    Metro Train
    Hokenakkal Drinking water project
    All the flyovers in Chennai
    Valluvar Kottam
    Valluvar Statue

    Whole TN is facing flood and no action from Government . TN government is discussing about Anna library instead of discussing the flood situation.

    Every time JJ says "Anna Namam Vazhka and MGR Namam Vazha". Hope she know the meaning for it.

    Super Specialty Hospital is ready for functioning in Salem. But she closed it since it was built in DMK regime. But, Salem people elected ADMK mayor. Don't know whom to blame

    TN people is very lucky to get this Government.
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    Hello Suresh Kumar,
    It is the practice of the government to change what ever the other has developed in his period of time and to blame the previous government for its inefficiency. In this election people had no choice to show their anger towards the government that had looted up thousands of crores in the 2G case but they elected the other government which is always taking the steps to close the developments made by the other. There are many such occasions where the ruling party closed the welfare measures of the opposition party. The first thing was that of the facility created by DMK on hospitality where the expense above 1 lakh would be beared by the government for heart operations and transplantation but as soon as AIADMK came into abolished the act. DMK made the promise of giving rice for 1 per kg and when AIADMK cam it gave free rice for two months and then closed that system and is providing the same rice for 3 rupees now. The government is always focusing in destroying the activities of other government and Tamil Nadu is not an exception for this rule.

    Sudhan A

    "All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers"

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    Hi to all members in tamil spider,

    I appriciate JJ for many of her brave activities. But JJ is adamant in one thought of demolishing all that were started in the old government. By this she wants to take the name of the previous government. Accoriding to me JJ can have some change in her behaviour in this matter. She can give up this mind and look for the betterment of the Tamil people. Doing the re-work will be an expensive one which is not the real urge now.

    But it is common that every political party will try to put his oppponent down. According to me both JJ and Kalainger are very much talented leaders but do not have more concern on the people rather than their party people.

    Defeat the defeat, before the defeat defeats you


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    We cannot avoid this situation.As Sudhan correctly said we have voted out DMK and cong alliance for good reasons of misrule and corruption.Again JJ an old ally of BJP now try to woo both cong and BJP.She is anti Kalaignar as all politicians take politics as personal.They are not interested in people .They are not interested in policies though they are making slogans often. If they have any ideology they will try to implement it.They are selfish and opportunistic.We people have to select this evil or that as we have no stronger third party in National or state level .Leftists are doing good but they are not strong in both stages.All over the world the leftists are surging even in America the anti corporate slogans are raised now .Capture wall street movement is getting momentum.South American countries are now have turned leftist ruling countries and even Ireland also.We should think over and analyse their policies. The satire in this write up is good .keep it up.

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    Hi Friends,

    Good to see that court has stayed the order of shifting the Anna library to DPI from kotturpuram.Judge has questioned the goverment as "is there no other place to built the childrens Hospital" and asked goverment to reply in 4 weeks time.

    Anna library built especially for the purpose of housing library and it cannot be used for other purpose.To use for other purpose again you have to spent crores.This building was built at 3.5 lakh sq.feet which was surrounded by great institutions and IT corridors.Moving to DPI is not even a good idea and it totally shows his vengence against Mr Karunanidhi.

    I am hoping the law will interrupt and help us in this case.

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    Very Happy to see Court's stay Order. Hope JJ will get back from her stand. Really if JJ has concern on children, first she should visit Egmore Child care hospital. Existing hospital doesn't functioning properly and why do we need new one? She should open the super specialty hospital built in Salem which is ready for functioning.

    Realty is all the important landmarks (like TIDAL Park in Chennai and other Cities, Koyambedu busstand, 95% of the flyovers in Chennai, Most of the collectrates, Valluvar statue, Valluvar Kottam, etc..) in TN has been built during DMK regime only. JJ should concentrate on people betterment instead of these chilly things.

    Already TN lost Sethu Samudhram project, TATA factory in Southern TN because of her. Now Koodankulam.... But people still believe and elected her.

    Suresh Kumar R.
    Engal Vazhvum Engal Valamum Mangaadha Tamizh Endru Sangae Muzhanku

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