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    Kani Mozhi's bail is rejected. How would be the relation between Congress & DMK?

    As Kani Mozhi's Bail is rejected by the court she started to cry and she was consoled by few of the DMK party members. Priviously Kalainger Karunanthi has visited Sonia (the queen of India?) Its believed that Kalainger might have spoken to Sonia on bail for Kani Mozhi.

    After the local body election Congress came to know its place in Tamil Nadu. In order to sustain in Tamil Nadu it needs the help of DMK. In this situation Kani Mozhi's bail is rejected.Will this affect the relationship of the DMK and Congress ? Can Sonia do something in favour of DMK or she has to abide for the court? Will this alliance of Congress and DMK continue as usual ?
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    Hello Jerold,
    It is definitely good to see that the culprits who were involved in the 2G scam are not allowed out of jail even by the influence of the main leader like Karunanidhi. It has been a great example to show that who ever you may be if you are involved in any criminal activity you cannot escape the law boards in our country. I do think that this would surely affect the relationship of DMK and Congress, the congress cant do anything as it has affected the national issue and the matter is judged by the supreme court and unless it is proved that she is not involved in such scams she cannot come out of the jail and I don't think that she is an innocent as if she was innocent karunanidhi would not have allowed her daughter in jail for such a long period of time. I also feel that there are many such hands involved and all should be found and punished by our courts.

    Sudhan A

    "All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers"

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    Hi Friends,

    Court has rejected the bail plea for Kanimozhi and 5 other accused.It's been a tremendous improvement by the juidicary department.They are not in favour of any political parties or the ruling party.If India goes like this than we are sure that our economy will be on the top of other developed countries.

    Even though after framing charges by the CBI, The apex court can give bail for those accused.Senior advocates like ramjethmalani said, it is right for the people to seek bail still their allegation are proved.

    Since the Apex(CBI) court has announced that the trial in 2G scam case will begin from Nov 11, getting bail has become impossible for Kani and others.


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    Already Kalaignar took swear that he won't meet Sonia until Kanimozhi is in jail >But his dialogue didn't do much.So he has to meet sonia to pressure her for kanimozhi's bail .Sonia has expressed that the supreme court is monitoring the case .so she could not do anything and assured to try the maximum she could.At once according to the guidance from Sonia CBI told the court that it has no objection to the bail plea by Kanimozhi.But it tactically opposed the bail plea from five others related to the the supreme court took the stand that the dual stand in one criminal case could not be accepted.So it has rejected.Congress is angry with Kalaignar for the stand taken by Rasa in the court that P.Chidambaram knows all and if needed take the witness of Manmohan .So it has taken a stiff stand and tken the challenge from DMK.It has no hurry for alliance now as there is no election in all are playing well their drama and we have to be spectators and witness of these drama .

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    Tomorrow Monday Kanimozhi will be released on bail and we can enjoy many more turnings in National and state politics

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    I agree to your words mr. Vasudevan. I always find that you give the appropriate and more practically answers whcih suits my interests. Thanks a lot for sharing your views with me.
    Defeat the defeat, before the defeat defeats you


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    At last the Princess Kanimozhi has reached her residence from tihar..Kalaignar going to oppose cong through Rasa ..but as if in his personal view not in DMK's advice,for that only Kalaignar carefully distances himself from Rasa..we can wait and see ..anything may happen as these are opportunistic parties we could not correctly guess their future actions

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