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    A man who built a temple for her mother costing 5 crores

    Hello Friends,
    I think this is most touching than anything else in our Tamil Nadu, There is a Taj Mahal that is build for the sake of love by Shah Jahan. But have you come across anything which is build in the name of mother in our Tamil Nadu. Yes there is a person who has built a temple for his mother in Trichy. The temple cost around five crores that are exclusively built in memory of her mother in Trichy. The person's name is Suresh Kumar and he builds the temple in memory of her mother Dhanabhakyam who passed away in the year 2007. I think this is the greatest thing one can do for his mother who has passed several months ago. What do you friends think about this?
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    We should be grateful to have such a man in Tamilandu. We should keep him as role model and respect our parents. Mothers love towards can't be explained in words. I think that guy have loved his mother so much. We should bless that soul to rest in peace.

    Such news were not highlighted in media and newspaper. Only the bad things were displayed with interesting quotes and rhyme. News like this should be given more importance which develops some moral education among the public. But we shouldn't do such things for publicity. We must love our parents from hearts. They are the souls who introduced to this beautiful world. Mothers should be respected and should be taken care by their son / daughter.


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    Building temple or memorial means nothing but how he behaved with his mother when she was living with him. Rich man can build temple but how a poor man can built such type of huge temple. so, if he is paying true tribute to his mother than first he should built temple for his mother in his heart. There are many occasion people neglected their mother when she was living but after death they pay lot of tribute to their mother.
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    Hi sir,
    it is good to see that a child remembers his mother and honours him. But is it a wise decision ? As said by mr. Krishna moorthy the rich person who has money builds the temple. What about the poor man who loves his mother. What would be the use of it ? He could rather built a education centre or some orphanage centres and given free education for the poor people. This would really console the soul of his mother as well as enjoyed by the people in the present world.

    So it may not be the wise decision of building a temple on memory of his mother. Rather he could have built some helping centres in tamil nadu and helped the poor people.

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    Hello Friends,
    I agree that the rich people can only do these things and the poor cant do these things. Ya Its true but how many rich people are doing such things as a token of love for their mother I don't think there are many people among the rich category who are spending too much for their remembrance of His/Her mother. Though he cannot bring back his mother he is proving his respect by building a temple which would not be demolished for a future period of time. Even he may be forgotten by his great grand children's but the temple and the person for whom it is build will live forever.

    Sudhan A

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    Hai Sudhan,

    Happy to hear a good news from your forum. Hope this type of news mayn't be notable by readers of the news papers. From your message i could be able to witness how much Love and Respect did Suresh kumar had towards his mother.This type of Love and Respect would never be comparable.In present days and situation there are people who doesn't even give respect to parents and from the above activity my personal Hats off towards the Unknown person.

    S.Naina Khan

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