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    Poilicians seem to visit the places affected by flood in Tamil Nadu

    Hello Friends,
    It is good that the ministers of the southern region of Tamil Nadu have decided to inspect the farms in Tamil Nadu to know about the situation prevailing in Tamil Nadu, it all started after Saidai Duraisamy visited few rain affected areas and now the ministers are going to view the situation prevailing in our farms. It has been stated that most of the crops in Tamil Nadu had failed due to the heavy rain which affected the living of the people, It is up to the government whether it will provide compensation for the loss occurred due to the heavy flood or the farmers themselves have to bear the loss. Do you think it is essential that the government should pay compensation for the loss of the farmers?
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    Hi to all tamil spider members. Its a good sign when the politicians speculate the rain affected areas. Mostly the politicians do these kind of activities only to get the good opinion from the people. Any how i hope mr. Saidai Durai Samy is little different from others. He is helping a number of poor students who prepare for the competition. Any how if the politicians visits these places they can come to know the standard of living of the people. We all should welcome this turn.

    Regarding farmers they should really be given a hand in their miseries. The farmers are the backbone of our country. They should be indeed given the help by our government.

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    Hi Friends,

    Its nice to heard that they have visited the rain affected area and we are ecpecting to take necessary steps soon.In chennai taoday due to rain roads are with full of floods and traffic jam leads to 2 km near perungudi area.Because of this people and students are not able to reach their concerned placa at the right time.

    so i am requesting the mayor and the concerned Ruling politicians has to locate the plcae of floods and has to get back with the remedy process before the next rainy season.


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    Ofcourse! no doubt the affected farmers should be given sufficient compensation to overcome from this natural crisis. In India, the most affected are the farmers in the name of farmers, few politicians and bureaucrats washed out the money meant for the purpose of compensation. So, in my view, visiting politicians will bring no change in the poor condition of the farmers.
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