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    Kudankulam Project opposition growing stronger day by day

    Hello Friends,
    I think the nuclear plant problem at Kudankulam is the latest protest which is burning like fire in the society in this recent past. It has been reported that more number of mothers took their children into the protest and even the babies are also taken by their parents into the protest. It is said that the parents take the babies along with them in the cradle and are protesting along with their babies against the plant, It is also said that Vijayakanth has also joined his hands in the nuclear issue which tends to cause a major problem to the society. What do you think friends; whether the project would be stopped or the people will have to fight more till the government accepts their proposals?
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    Hi Friends,

    We the people of tamilnadu should join hands to those who are opposing and asking to stop the Kudankulam Nuclear power project.It's been a good news that day by day the protest is going stronger. They have kept different phases of protest and the surrounding districts also joining hands.The last protest is that moths took their babies and stood the protest and they planning for a big protest.

    Hope the goverment will stop the Nuclear power project soon.Expecting good news soon.


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    The koodankulam power plant issue is gradually increasing day by day. Its now became as an political issue. Many political parties are taking this opportunity to develop their party and put the ruling party a bad name. According to me the issue should not be taken as a political issue. The real leaders can come together and take a proper decision on this issue. Because a lot of money is invested in this. The power plant is not only going to be in koodankulam alone. There are many power plants in most of the countries. So the people are made to be frightened by the politicians. Its good to increase the protection of the power plant more and more. The growing problem will not lead to the correct path of good growth.
    Defeat the defeat, before the defeat defeats you


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    Today ABJ Abdul Kalam went Koodangulam and inspected all aspects .He is fully satisfied with the security aspects of KOOdangulam. Udhayakumar willingly rejects to meet Kalam as he wants to continue the struggle according to the orders he get from anywhere .He is insulting kalam and scientists .If he really interested on security why should he shy away to meet Kalam? Kalam clarifies that it is more height and not in quake hidden area .Moeover the three tier security arrangements are foolproof of leakage.People want electricity.Police should take action on these culprits and drive them away.Anarchism should not be allowed in democracy

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    Hi All,

    It is a good news that Abdul kalam(Former president & scientist) has visited the power plant and get the details of saftey measures from the scientists who are incharge in constructing the plant.

    Abdul kalam is fully satisfied with the safty aspects of the plant.

    In his speech to the protestors he said as "I am not here as a government mediator but as a scientist. I came here to talk to scientists and their team members about the two great safety systems which I saw and I am satisfied,".

    But still Kalam's assurance is doesn't change the stand of protestors.Their main issue is where they dump the Nuclear waste.Govt can inform this and if they satified with the storage place of nuclear wastage.

    It is necessary for the Govt to clarify the doubts of protestors who are all on indefinite strike for the past 20 dayss.


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