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    Will Tamil nadu get a good leader ?

    The present situation the politics is the place where one can earn a huge amount of money in a short period. It became a mere business now a days. They spent a lot to come to the power and once they come to the power they only concentrate on their earning.

    Now most of the politicians are running a private colleges and educational institutions. from where did these people get all these money all of a sudden? They have their own medias through which they self boost themselves and high light the fault of the opposite party.

    Here I have a question for you. Will Tamil Nadu get a true dedicated leader in this present tiime? Even if a person tries to be honest the others make him to fall into the fault. The situation now came that a wise man can't withstand the situation and continue as a leader. What do you say on this ?
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    Hello Friends,
    I don't think Tamil Nadu would get a new leader but I am sure that the election will be favoring DMK and Stalin would be the next Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, There may be some problems between Alagiri and Stalin and Stalin is sure to get the edge as he is well known in the capital city apart from this I don't think anyone has the chance to become the next Chief minister of Tamil Nadu, I would also want to see a change in Tamil Nadu but I dont think it would happen in the mere future and it would take many years to see a different leader apart from that of now who are already there.

    Sudhan A

    "All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers"

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    Hi Friends,

    What uyou all mentioned is exactly right.It is a fact that to become a politician you have to spend money in a way to get familiar with the people by giving Advertisement, place hoardings etc.After spending lot of money they will be in the position to get the money back.

    But there are some politicians who are doing good without getting any bribes for their duty.Those politicians are not familiar because of not doing this kiond of Advertisements.Do you know anyone like that.
    I have read in a magazine that few politicians are still in old houses and doing service to the people.

    It is our work to find the people who are good and elect them in the assembly elections.Hope that will come soon atleast after 10 - 20 years..


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    As gopi said we have to find good leaders .Why can't Jerold himself try?
    I think that a new policy is needed not a single leader.We are brought up to wait for a hero to settle our things.This hero worshiping is the main cause for our all sorrows . We have to select aparty which is fighting for the good for the people and a new policy should be drawn.A single man could not do anything good .MGR is personally a good man who wished good for the people .But what did he do ? We , all the people should get down on the roads as in America .They try a struggle 'capture Wall street'. They think all their sources are utilised for the welfare of the wall street rajas , the corporates.It is also good for India also .So we have to follow the spreading wind of struggles on corporates and supporting govts

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