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    Do we need the Kudankulam Atomic Power Project?

    The people of Koodankulam village themselves were misled by false promises such as 10,000 jobs, water from Pechiparai dam in Kanyakumari district, and fantastic development of the region. We tried in vain to tell them that they were being deceived. Without any local support, we could not sustain the anti-Koodankulam movement for too long.

    Now the people of Koodankulam know and understand that this is not just a fisherfolk's problem, they may be displaced, and they have to deal with radioactive poison.

    Also most of the countries in the world said that they wont use or build Nulcear reactors After.In India so many states has told not to construct Nulear power station.Than why the politicians are insisting in building Koodankulam power station in Tamilnadu.Why this partiality between southern states and Northern states.

    When this politicians will change..??
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    Though the atomic power should be the last source ,the KOOdankulam is very cheaper power as it is installed by erstwhile Soviet Union as it is the best friend of our nation from the Nehru has been fully installed .Huge amount is spent on it..So it is not genuine to stop this stage .we can request for more and more protection.There are more atomic power stations in India including Kalpakkam in Tamil Nadu.People are accepting them as they were not installed by Soviet Union. We can struggle not to start a new project any more. There is politics behind this struggle.Vested interested sections are trying to bloc the cheaper power .If this is stated people would come to know that it is cheaper than other plants.So other countries especially USA is trying to stop through NGOs.The govt's role is also doubtful .It is taking too much of time to convince the genuine people who really fear for their life. So the govts team shhould convince quickly ,.The struggling committee should not oppose the committee and it should talk to it and come to a good conclusin

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    Hello Friends,
    Though it tends to be a cheap project it has invested crores and crores of money in the project and it is all public money which is spend in projects like this and I would say that we have to open the project and so for this we have to state all the possibilities to the villagers and get the permission from the villagers to start the project. I would say that it would be good if we manage to start the project after all the problems created by the people.

    Sudhan A

    "All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers"

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    Dear TSRs,

    As well said by mr. vasudevan it is a cheap project but invested a lot of money in that. So it won't be wise to stop now. If the power plant is started there are many good fruits to come from it. The uneducated people are inforced by the people who do not wants growth. the people's fear of life should be taken into consideration and the protection could be strengthened.

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    Hi Jerold,

    This project might have started long time back in 1980's.At that time people was not aware of hazards that comes due to the radiations.But recently in japan tsunami hits the Nuclear power station and three power plant(Tokyo,hongkong..) blasted which made people to stay indoor or mask your face for 1 month.The chemical pathologist says the explosion could expose the population to longer-term radiation which can raise the risk of cancer. These are thyroid cancer, bone cancer and leukaemia. Children and foetuses are especially vulnerable.

    By seeing the news in TV channels,news papers people realise the situation and hope only this makes them to protest and not by ny compulsion.


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    We all know that atomic power stations can give energy on low rates. A small uranium rod can give continuous power to a state for more than six months. We must remember the disaster happened in Japan at fukishimo. When some disaster happens then it won't be possible to control the radioactive leakages. This rays may develop some gene mutations. So, as for as the safety is concern nuclear reactors are not suitable at present. Is there any politician who can give the surity of life of the people of koodankulum?. No, therefore the residents of the locality oppose the project.
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