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    Maintainance of roads in your area

    Hello Friends,
    I would like to ask a question from you. the roads are not properly maintained in our area or region. DO you think the area is maintained and cleaned and are repaired after regular intervals of time? The government is collecting some tax known as the road tax so as to maintain good roads but I am totally against the roads that are established in our country. Except for the Highways all the other roads are not suitable for a smooth journey. Don't you think the government needs to take proper steps so as to maintain good roads for the citizen of the state?
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    Hi Sudhan,

    Your feel about the roadways in our country is correct. The Roads are not upto the satisfactory level. There are many reasons for the present bad conditions of the roads in our country. the following are some of my vews on your notion.

    1. As you have said the Road Tax can be increased and collected strictly to better maintain the road ways.
    2. The road contracts and many other government projects are not done properly. Just for the sake the roads are prepared which would be damaged very easily.
    3. Few politicians tries to gain profit through road projects. The don't prepare the full length road.
    4. The heavy vehiles take the first place in damaging the roads. The police should not allow any over loaded and heavy vehiles in main roads.

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    our govt's land is used for national highways and there is already a road.Someone is given to lay a high level road and he spend money. Now he is the owner of the road.He does not allow anyone to pass without tax.Is there any account for the collection.For how many years he can tax us.Yes he has gain something but how much? He earns many times than he spend.There is no question at all from the govt.Something is given to the power.But we are living in rural areas without any simple roads.If election comes there will be a simple road and it will disappear in the next rain.This is the routine scene of our life.Why are you getting tension.Be calm. We are Indians .We should show our next side of our face if any one slap in another side.Gandhiland,.

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    It is the duty of the Government to lay proper roads that could be beneficiary for the people who are paying tax for it but the government doesn't seem to take care about this problem.
    Sudhan A

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    Hi All,

    The Goverment allots money to lay road will be less.If they want to lay good and quality roads the private sectors like L&T which are laying roads by spending at least more than a crore for 1 km.Recently in the news paper for 6 lanes chennai to bangalore express higway, they are spending around 16 crores per/km.

    So the quality of our district roads will be less when you compare with private sector laid roads.

    So Goverment has to make effort to lay roads of good quality by giving tendors to good company instead of small companies who are looking to llot money without laying good road.


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    Yes sudhan,
    Again the answer is corruption and bribe. A road must last for the duration of at least 5-6 years but what happens most of the roads are deteriorating after 6 months of its construction. Due to the compulsion of giving share or percentage to the officer, the contractor curtail some amount of stones and coal tar in the road construction due to which the poor people facing the hurdle for a long time. In my view, the maintenance of a particular road should be given to a private party for 10 years. During this period he should bear the responsibility of repairing the road.

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