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    Kalaignar get back from his stand in alliance issue with congress

    Kalaignar has already told that he won't meet Sonia until Kanimozhi is in Tihar jail as it would raise the feeling of the public that he is surrendering before Sonia for his daughter's release. Contrary to his earlier announcement he has met Sonia in Delhi.This shows that as a father he could not tolerate that his daughter is in jail and her suffering makes him sad. Already he got angry with central govt to put his captain Rasa and his daughter Kanimozhi in jail and dethroning Maran from the cabinet.So he unilaterally announced that he would contest alone without cong in local bodies election to show them their original strength and prove DMK's power in Tamil nadu and indirectly showed that congress should abide to DMK and help to take out DMK from the 2G case . Congress also should have known their strength and there is no other go to it other than following DMK's footsteps in Tamil Nadu.So the CBI has announced that it has no objection to release Kanimozhi from jail. Already Rasa warned congress by involving Chidambaram in 2G case and signaled that Manmohan also could not escape from it . All the steps taken By Kalaignar have explained Sonia that it has no base in Tamil Nadu and it should have an ally in election for Parliament .So new calculations have begun and soon Kanimozhi would be released.
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    Hi to all ,

    Dear mr. Vasudevan your views are very practical and more likely to be true. By this local body election congress should have come to about its stand in tamil nadu. It has to keep it stand in tamil nadu in order to sustains its position in the upcoming elections. So it has to follow the foot step of Dmk in tamil nadu or make alliance with Admk which is practically an impossible one. So there is a lot of chance for kani to be released.

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    Hello Sir,
    It is true that he has great concern towards his daughter and a newspaper has stated that while Karunanidhi met her daughter for the first time in the prison he started to weep out like anything. Now it is required that he has to get up with congress so that sonia Gandhi may take immediate steps in order to release kanimozhi from the prison. It has been also said that the court asked a question on why Kanimozhi alone need to be pleaded for Bail and why not others who ever were a part of the 2G case. I think it is sure that Kanimozhi would get bail plea immediately on the next plea. The government is not effective and Sonia should have taken legal step against her but in order to combine with Congress she has made the drama to release Kanimozhi and join her Congress with that of the DMK to get some majority of votes in Tamil Nadu in the next election.

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    Hi Friends,

    Kani was not granted bail due to different standings of CBI.last plea itself CBI said that they wont oppose the bail plea of kani and 5 others.So there was lot of expectation today by DMK party members and the family members.

    But today morning Special CBI judge OP Saini said they all are accused in handling huge amount of public money, so at any concession we wont give Bail.OP Saini said

    It is a great upset for kalaignar who expected kani's release by today.


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    All are playing the political game tactically and we have to be spectators

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