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    The Travel Agencies earn more as Diwali arrives

    Hello Friends,
    It is a fact that most of them are rushing towards the home towns on account of Diwali. It has been estimated that most of them are rushing towards the towns like Madurai, Trichy and Thirunalveli. It has been also reported that the bus conductors charge more than 300 per ticket to travel. it is a fact that most of the tickets are fully sold by the Bus Conductors before leaving the place. I think the country earns more through Travel and Tourism and it is the best example to show the details of the travel department.
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    There is heavy competition in Travel and Tourism. People choose travels only they have heavy demand. It is hard to get tickets on Diwali time. Travel agencies can earn more only at the times of Diwali. There will be lots of problem in travel agencies too. They need to give bribe to the police man, check post ect. Travel agencies charges Rs:300 from Madurai to Chennai at normal period. They will surely charge upto Rs:700 during the times of Diwali.

    While looking travel agency as a business they need to maintain the bus. The cost of the diesel and petrol is rising sharply. Getting seats in government is also too harder. We need to reserve as soon as possible. Every business has its own season. Travel agency will get more benefit only at the times of academic holiday, Diwali and other festivals.


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    Yes Venkat,
    I recently saw the newspaper and was really shocked to see the rates of buses to Madurai. I often go to Madurai to visit my Birth place over there and mostly I use trains as medium as i feel comfortable with them and the cost is also somewhere around 120 rupees for Madurai from chennai. This time I had to take my aunt to Madurai and I found that the bus fares are way high.

    Sudhan A

    "All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers"

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    Hai sudhan,

    In spite of various Threats given by the government to private owners regarding the price of Ticket during festival season they don't take any care towards it and once they identify the necessity of travel by the customer these cheaters will try to remove out all the money from our pocket.Think the situation of the people who can't get a government bus to travel to his native. The next chance would be only to opt Travel Agencies and in my point of view we should not show any mercy towards these peoples and silently try to put them into trap so the mistakes never repeats....

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