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    What has happened to the gold price?

    Due to the world situation the price of gold is going on high it is told,.Some say that Indian women especially Tamil women or jewels mongers and the y are greedy to have more jewels .So the demand raises and so the price of gold also high. some say that the recession in economics of USA attack all over the world .so all investors choose to invest their money instead of shares as the share market all over the world is very very low than the demand is bursting and the supply is not up to the mark.So it is inevitable to raise the price of gold.But it is very danger to the middle class and poor people as their marriages are fixed by gold sovereigns .The marriage aged girls would face a hard time because of their inability to buy the demanded pawns from the groom side,so urgently the govt should intervene to get down the gold price
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    Hello sir,
    I would definitely say that the gold prices are determined by the demand and supply forces in the market. When the demand of the product is more its price automatically increases to a large extend and vice versa to the supply factors of any commodity. I would say that there is more black marketing going on and the gold have been accumulated and hidden by the shopkeepers that increase the demand while creating a situation where the supply is less and creating a artificial demand that rises the price of gold.

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    Yes. But there is another reason .That is online trading .If one has the money for 10 sovereigns of gold he can fix 100 sovereigns through this on line trading. so he can again market his 100 to another one without seeing the ornament or coins for more gain .After he earns more money he could invest it in the same pattern .Thus the demand is raise artificially by trade gamblers and this result hardships in middle class and poor men families' marriages .This can be stopped by govt if it really wants the price of the gold to get down.but the govt itself is the representatives of the trade gamblers .so the sorrow of the people will not.....

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    Government wont take any action regarding this. They were black sheep and already paid huge amount. On 25th October gold price increased suddenly to Rs:1500. There are many factors affecting the gold price. Factors like USA recession affects the increase in gold price.


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