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    What is your opinion about Koodankulam nuclear power plant?

    People around koodankulam stated that this nuclear power plant is dangerous and causes hazards in future. What do you think about it? Is this true?

    On the other side Koodankulam nuclear power plant engineer stated that it is the safest power plant in the world. They have constructed with all safe precautions. They added that this power plant can withstand earthquakes, flood and any natural disaster. They have made this power plant with three stage protection. They stated that don't compare this nuclear power plant with Japan. Japan used Hydrogen as coolant but Koodankulam uses no coolant they were cooled naturally.

    Guys what is your opinion? Do you think is this safe?

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    Though the engineers state that the project is safe but the people over there have a thinking that it is dangerous for them. Even the great scientist Abdul Kalam seems to support the views of the public at their region. one cannot stop the proceedings of the project as that is of more value but the government should take effective steps so as to provide maximum protection to the public over there and also tell the truth and the advantages and disadvantages of the plant. The people are the beneficiaries of the plant and if the plant is started and after some time if the plant gets some effects to the society nearby the people will blame the government and the government will have to make all such arrangement to stop any future mis happenings that may affect the public at the nearby.
    Sudhan A

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    Though the atomic power should be the last source ,the KOOdankulam is very cheaper power as it is installed by erstwhile Soviet Union as it is the best friend of our nation from the Nehru has been fully installed .Huge amount is spent on it..So it is not genuine to stop this stage .we can request for more and more protection.There are more atomic power stations in India including Kalpakkam in Tamil Nadu.People are accepting them as they were not installed by Soviet Union. We can struggle not to start a new project any more. There is politics behind this struggle.Vested interested sections are trying to bloc the cheaper power .If this is stated people would come to know that it is cheaper than other plants.So other countries especially USA is trying to stop through NGOs.The govt's role is also doubtful .It is taking too much of time to convince the genuine people who really fear for their life. So the govts team shhould convince quickly ,.The struggling committee should not oppose the committee and it should talk to it and come to a good conclusin

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    I read in the few news papers that the particular religion leaders are behind the incident. But I am not sure. State Government should cooperate with Central Government to solve the problem.

    Left Parties withdrew their support to central government while India signed nuclear agreement with USA. But now the same Left parties didn't open their mouth and didn't extend their support. But it is not a surprise since Indian government started this project with the help of Russia. We have to appreciate their patriotism towards Russia and China.

    Suresh Kumar R.
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    Its really a good matter to discuss in the forum passage. As for as my idea goes stopping of this power plant in koodankulam is turned to be a political issue. According to me its not the people who protest only on their own ideas. These people are boosted by the other opposite parties of tamil nadu to give a headache to the ruling government. I strongly hold on to that opinion because this work of constructing the power plant is not started yesterday or day before yesterday. It was started a long before and now it is in its final touch to be accomplished. If those people had the idea of stopping the plant they could have stopped it at the begining stage. Now a lot of man power and money is consumed in it. It would be great loss to the government if the plant is stopped. Rather the tamil people can get rid of their power cut problems when the plant starts working normally. Many educated youths can be employed in the plant. So according to me the power plant should be started for the welfare of the tamil people.


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    Well said Jerald.Yesterday Mr.Srikumar has said that it will be dangerous to stop at this stage as the first setup is almost to start.The cooling process should not be stopped as it will give side affect to the installation and surrounding people. Foreign forces have intervened to bloc the starting and money has been invested in a huge level.So we should be very cautious that foreign politics try to turn us for their goal.

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