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    JJ has done a mistake and it is proved

    JJ has watered DMK to survive
    In local bodies election all are praising JJ that she has done a wonderful job by capturing almost 75% posts .But in my view she has done a mistake. If she think DMK is the main enemy of the people of Tamil Nadu what she should have done?She should continue the alliance with DMDK and left parties.if she had done so , her main opponent DMK and also the cong could have been defeated in all their seats they contested. It was almost proved in Tamil nadu assembly election. It could again done in local bodies election also .
    Instead , she stood alone and the result is the DMK has proved again the seccond big party next to ADMK.This has made DMK stronger than DMK at that time after assembly election.She has missed a very good chance to eradicate DMK and cong from Tamil Nadu.Then she could deel with DMDK easily.Now DMK will emerge stronger in future as ADMK grown after its defeats.
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    Hi sir,

    i partially agree with your notion that jj might have kept good relationship with dmdk. If she had done so the team might have white washed he election with no seats to spare for the opponents (dmk).

    But it does not affect amma any more, the problem is only for dmdk. Now all the 10 seats are won by jj. As jj decided if dmdk had got that 2 or 3 seats that could have been a good decision by dmdk . Now dmdk is the final looser.

    On the basis of dmk , there is no hope for them to come up. They have to first get rid of the problems that are hosted against them .

    Defeat the defeat, before the defeat defeats you


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    Hello Sir,
    I agree with vasudevan Sir. Vijaykanth hasn't got any seats in this election. The reason is no alliance with AIADMK. Vijaykanth next option is to join with DMK to make his party stronger. I think in future DMDK may join with DMK. DMK will surely accept DMDK alliance in future. DMK dislikes alliance with congress. There will be huge change in future.

    What do you think about DMK and DMDK alliance? Will it occurs? OR Vijaykanth stand alone in upcoming election?


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    Hello friends,
    I too feel that there will be no alliance of AIADMK with DMDK and DMK with congress, Therefore I think the AIADMK and congress will get into Alliance with each other and on the other hand it will be DMK with DMDK. But one cant forget how Vijayakanth was teased by Vadivelu who supported the DMK in the previous elections. It would be good to see the parties getting together in the future elections. I would definitely say that it would be DMK that will win the next elections as far the past incidents. The people of Tamil Nadu also needed the change in the government.

    Sudhan A

    "All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers"

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    The DMK voting percentage has raised nearly 4 % than in the assembly election.Now it has fought alone. So JJ has taken a wrong decision and it is proved again.

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    JJ took right decision only. If you agree or not ADMK and DMK are the two largest parties in TN and no one can rule the state other than these 2 parties atleast for certain period. Local body elections strongly proves that. DMDK is wont less than 5 Councillor seats in corporation. DMDK is just a vote splitting party and not a party to win in the election. MDMK and BJP done better compared to DMDK in Corporation and municipality posts.
    DMDK became the principle opposition party in TN assembly because of ADMK. DMDK and others were praised JJ in last Assembly session because of local body election only. Local body posts are direct relationship with people. If ADMK had alliance with DMDK then surely DMDK won considerable seats and they may grow by using that. It will be the biggest threat for ADMK in upcoming elections. After Local body elections, Vijayakanth definitely starts his attack on ADMK government. So, why she help for that? Simply JJ doesn't want DMDK's growth and also with her help.

    Suresh Kumar R.
    Engal Vazhvum Engal Valamum Mangaadha Tamizh Endru Sangae Muzhanku

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    Then it implies that DMK is lesser danger to Tamil Nadu than DMDK.That implies that JJ likes Kalaignar than Vijayakanth.And she is not attacking DMK really.The issue is DMK is most dangerous as she always crying.If it is true she should have chosen to rout DMK at any cost.For that purpose only ADK DMDK and left have joined hands in assembly elections .And it should have continued.If so continued DMK would have lose much and it would lead to split in the rank and files of it and then DMK would come to the position as well as pmk /mdmk she has missed the chance

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