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    Views about the announced Tamil Nadu State Local Body Election Results

    Hi to my Friends of TSR,
    I wanna share you this trendy hot Topic about TN Local Body Election Results. According to my view the people of Tamil Nadu have made the Candidates of ADMK to have their thumbs up, as the ruling party of the Government at present is ADMK. People are thinking that Mayors,Councillors and other elected candidates of ADMK can get the schemes announced by Ruling Government by easy reach out. And due to some problems inside DMK circle the votes turned out into Massive hit for ADMK.

    Friends I welcome you all to share your views on this Discussion.

    With Sincere regards,
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    Hello sir,
    I think that DMK has been hunted down to a vast extend by the ADMK party and it all started with the 2G scam that caught the major victims like RAJA and Kanimozhi in the scam and I dont think the scam will stop here and it has already touched and left the Defence minister P Chidambaram. I think ADMK has won a comprehensive victory over DMK and the elections result show the hatredness in the minds of public towards the DMK government.

    Sudhan A

    "All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers"

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    Results are as expected. Voting for ADMK is the right thing, so that local bodies would get atleast few support from State Government. People are very clever in that aspect. Also Local body elections are conducted by State Election Commission and not by the Election Commission of India.

    Principle opposition party is washed out. People gave a good lesson to Vijakanth. Congress leaders will shut their mouth henceforward. Unexpected thing from the result is MDMK. Everyone thought that MDMK lost its vote bank. But results proved that its wrong. In upcoming lok sabha election, MDMK will be the hot cake to form an alliance.

    DMK and ADMK should continue to fight on their own strength instead of forming alliance.

    Suresh Kumar R.
    Engal Vazhvum Engal Valamum Mangaadha Tamizh Endru Sangae Muzhanku

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    In my view not so.In assebly election DMK was pushed to third place and now it has come to second place.DMK and cong could have been washed out in all posts it contested if the alliance with DMDK and left parties is continued .She missed agreat chance with her immature decision . The most corrupt DMK is hated by the people and its cadres all could have been defeated and DMK in future would withered away .History has seen that ADMK and DMK has rised again again from their defeats and thus DMK will certainly come to forefront in tamil Nadu politics. A snake should be killed unto the death.But JJ has given life to DMK by her wrong tactical line to shed away the alliance with DMDK and left .Future politics will prove this

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    Always the running government is win for the local body election because it is a prestige issue so running government is concise for this Local body election.

    People first know one thing local body election is not depend on the party is depend on the people who can work lot to the people, who can react the problem very quickly that is very impotent tha's way to we select the candidate.

    Maiyappan @ Tamil
    Enjoy Every Second In Life

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    Hello friends,
    I do think that ADMK has won the elections comprehensively but all the parties are asking for a re counting of the votes as they feel there is something wrong with the election committee and somewhere a wrong incident has been seen into the play. I too feel that there are lot of forgeries held during this election as a lot of centers were without camera's in them and I think the rules were strictly made to have camera's at each poll centers. It is up to the government whether to make a recount of polls or to leave them simply.

    Sudhan A

    "All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers"

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    The results were as expected. AIADMK won the assembly election so it is best idea to elect AIADMK as local election winners. Tamilanadu people to did so. But this is not the continuation. AIADMK has more chances to lose the upcoming election. DMDK has alliance with AIADMK on assembly election this team resembles so powerful. But AIADM this time rejected DMDK alliance. So for the next election DMDK will join DMK which is most expected. Hope DMK will also agree this act.

    The next Tamilnadu election will be held on 2016. Tamilnadu people will forget the corruption, crimes done by DMK. On the next upcoming election DMK will be a pure party. They surely form alliance with DMK. But we can't say who wins the election. Congress has lost its respect in Tamilnadu.


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    It is quiet nature the ruling party to win the local body elections.Moreover it is not too long for the people to vote for ADMK in assembly elections and ruling power and money power was not prohibited by election commission.But DMK has got more 4 % of votes than assembly election though it fought alone. If JJ has fought with DMK in alliance with DMDK and Left parties the DMK could have been rout at all .So she had done a tactical mistake to eradicate DMK and congress .But press does not highlight this weakness of ADMK but going on praising as usual

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    Local body election proved that ADMK and DMK are the top 2 parties in TN. Really surprise to see MDMK and BJP's result. Results once again proved that DMDK is just a vote spitting party. Congress, PMK and Left Parties are thrashed. Hope ADMK and DMK wont give too much seats for these parties in upcoming elections.
    Suresh Kumar R.
    Engal Vazhvum Engal Valamum Mangaadha Tamizh Endru Sangae Muzhanku

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    As it is local body elections DMK tried to be alone and indirectly it has warned cong.But in assembly elections it would be the first to hold hand of the other parties.There is no proportionate representation system alliance will be the inevitable factor in elections.DMDK has increased its votes percentage.And one could not say this much of votes only our parties have as they do not contested in all seats as DMK or ADMK.But they are also having votes in uncontested constituencies .This votes are not included in this percentage.But in assembly elections these uncalculated votes can decide the victory or defeats of candidates of DMK or ADMK.So these parties are not ignorable .They should be respected as they also represent some sections of people if this is democracy.

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    I don't agree with vasudevan that DMK will wither away in future. In Tamilnadu, DMK and ADMK will only be the largest parties in future as well. DMK is not a party which was formed 10 to 15 years back to get washed away in due course. In fact all the other political parties were formed by parting ways with the DMK. DMK has been a major political force since 1950. DMK has lost the assembly and the local elections due to the mistakes that it had done during their previous rule. It doesn't mean that it is the end of the road for them. They are the only party who have a chance to come back to power if ADMK does not perform well.

    We should also remember that almost 50% of Tamilnadu voters are around the age group of above 40 years who are either loyal to DMK or the ADMK. Their voting pattern may mostly fluctuate either way than going for a new political party.


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    Hi Friends,

    The results in the Local Body election is the expected one.Basicaly Ruling party will won.Because the govt is on their hand and election commision wont interrupt in the matter.So it wont be much hard to do mal function while voting,counting or the announcement of winners.Heard in more places public are not satisfied and even officials also supportign the ruling party.

    So Winning the Local election by ADMK is not a big surprise..


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