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    TNPSC - A place of scandel

    TNPSC - A place of scandal
    What is TNPSC
    The TNPSC board is consisting of 14 members and a chairman. Its a self-governing organization which works for country in selecting candidates for the various Government jobs such as Sub-collector, vao and many more Government positions. The organization is controlled only by the Governor or the President

    The Anti-corruption director for vigilance has done a sudden raids on the houses of the TNPSC members (13) and chairman Chellamuthu and registered cases against them.
    The TNPSC members have illegaly made a list of candidates for the government jobs before the result was published.

    In this what is the place of youth who take room for rent in cities and study for their dream to come true ? How should these people punished ? text your ideas ......
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    Hello Friends,
    I would say that it is a harm which is done to the public that too to the persons who have started who have been working out to crack the examinations but these officers come in the interim and give admissions to all those who have given bribe to the officers at higher cadre. There has been many such problems and I don't think these problems can be solved as they are done by the officers at high cadre and so If any one comes through such problems they have to immediately complaint the issue to the higher authority and stop such proceedings.

    Sudhan A

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    I feel a new Government order has to be passed only on controlling the corruption as it is one of the major problem which is killing the country's growth day by day.
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    This is shocking news given by you. Every Government office is corrupted by one way. Government should be citizen friendly not family friendly.

    People now forget their motto of living. Holy books like Geetha, Quran and Bible say to love mankind not the money. We cannot change this people. Now this religions were used only for election to gain votes. We should recognize this and not to quarrel with each other.

    TNPSC members should be punished severely so that the new members wont follow the same. But these people sure escape by their money power. These things are small when compared to 2g scams. Our government doesn't take severe action for 2g scam. I hope that TNPSC case will also end like 2g scam without any proper action.

    Muran a different story

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    These people are against the human race such people should be put behind the bars. But who will do this? a question raises because everyone have their share from root to tip. This is the real reason why we are unable to control corruption in India. Government can never act against the corrupt people because these people donate crores of rupees to all political parties during the election. So, how can they be act against them instead they want their help. India can never be corruption free until and unless happening of a indian people revolution.
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