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    Discuss: Do you think that the Tamil language is loosing its strength because of the foreign langua

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Do you think that the Tamil language is loosing its strength because of the foreign language invasion?'.
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    Hello Mr. Balasubramanian!

    Thanks for coming up once again with yet another very timely and much required forum thread. Yes, I quite agree with you that "Tamil language is loosing its strength because of the foreign language invasion". In fact, it has been a much more universal problem and not only the problem of Tamil. The same problem persists almost for all the languages in once colonised countries like India.

    Since I have posted a resource on this, I am not repeating the same over here. Will you please take the trouble of going through the following resource and leave your comments there, if possible?

    Tamil Language endangered

    I shall eagerly look forward for your response and comments.


    Kumaraditya Sarkar.

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    Hai Bala

    Tamil Language is slowly loosing its sheen and the fact must be admitted by all.

    Tamil is oldest language and its the duty of all to preserve it.

    English is interfering into tamil speaking minds and polluting the

    High time we must ponder over.

    K Mohan

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    I do agree with the point that all the Indian languages are endangered due to foreign invasion. Now there is a situation that the medium of the study is also changed from the Tamil to English language and this makes the children preventing from the studying the importance of the Tamil. The Tamil language has lost more scholars and experts. There are not much person who are expert in the Tamil language. It is necessary that this situation should be changed. Our government has come up with a rule that there should be only tamil boards in the shops inside the Tamilnadu. This will definitely help a lot.

    And if the government does something to change the word Tamil to Tamizh then the pronunciation part of the language will definitely be saved. The education system is also changed from the local languages to the foreign languages. If planned properly the local languages can be promoted and the foreign invasion can be stopped.

    English is the globally accepted language that is spoken all over the world. But still English is not the highly spoken language in the world. The reason is that the Chinese people speak only Chinese language. They dont give importance to the English language. So their language is protected to the greater extent.

    Thanks & Regards
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    hi buddy,

    our tamil language lost its due to invansions of new foriegn languages.tamil people only starting to fight against british in india till now tamil people is rejected by others. as a old language we doesn't get anything from that. english is became world language in our tamilnadu also we speak only english only. when we stop using english as our communicate language on that time only tamil became familiar. in russia they use only their languages only,so only they became leading country in the world

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