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    Will sri lanka be punised for its cruelty against tamilians ?

    Will sri lanka be punished for its war crime against tamil people ? Is more unity among tamil people needed ?
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    I don't think sri-lanka will be punished for their deeds against Tamilians. They have been doing the criminal affair for more period of time and it will be continued over the period of time. It is up to the sri-lankan government to take actions or not against the persons involved in sri-lanka.
    Sudhan A

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    The central and state government are bogus. They are incapable of tackling the issue. In particular, the central government is not at all interest in dealing with the fisherman problems of Tamilnadu. Every thing in India is behind the political influence. Congress has done nothing in Tamilnadu after Kamaraj. So, I don't think there will be any action from central government will be initiated against the Srilankan government. The navy and coast guard of srilanka have tortured Tamil fisherman badly. In fact, the present problem is only due to congress government when Indira Gandhi gave clear chit of katcha theevu to srimavo bandaranaika. Since, then the problem of killing Tamil fisherman increased to many folds.
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    The sri lankan tamilian problem is a problem that seems to be never ending though the various government at different period of time state to take appropriate decisions so as to solve the problem I don't think any party is making the plan to solve them when they are ruling the state. Both the central as well as state government has always failed to control this problem and it should be stated that the government should need to make proper solutions to this problem.
    Sudhan A

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    Srilanka wont be punished till India gives red carpet to its president.
    Suresh Kumar R.
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    Till India defend Srilanka none good touch it.As sonia had given signal to srilanka to revenge her husband's killers ,Rajabkshe could do what all he wanted on Tamils.So sonia or any power in the world could not take action on Srilanka.If anothergovt comes to the centre then only the scene will change .let history wait for change.

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    Here is some more points from my side. In one way or the other we can say that Sonia is taking revenge against her enemies who put her husband to death. But we should look into the real problem that's arising for India. You can now arise question what is the link between Sri lanka and India's problem. The problem is that now our main enemy is china on the basis of growth. China is the most fast growing country in the world. Even the super power America is much worried about the growth of china. Many survays brings the result that China would soon become the super power. On taking into consideration about India's safety it is difficut to attack because india is a peninsula and in the north we have the great Himalayas. So its bit difficult to come near to India. The only land surface near India is Sri Lanka. Its very easy to attack India when the opposite party lands down in sri lanka. CHINA is taking much efforts to build good relationship with the sri lankans. There is a lot of chance for the chinesse to have rendered help to sri lanka in the final was against the tamilians. Understanding the situation India also want to have good relationship with sri lanka. If india had opposed sri lanka them the relationship might have broken. Them chinesse would come for the lankans help and the situation might have changed to a big trouble for India. So only India had not stopped Sri lanka.
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