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    Electricity production decreased whom to be blamed?

    Now for one week , again the official current cut and unofficial cut mount to four to five hours.When JJ is in opposition she charged Arcot Veerasamy is hopeless and she challenged to change the position in three months.But now she is telling the same reason that kalaignar told earlier.Can we accept her excuse or blame kalaignar
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    Instead of blaming each other, Central and State governments should take Concrete steps to increase the production. Rootcause of the problem is none of the governments doesn't think about long term solution. Day on day the demand of electricity gets increased but at the same time production gets decreased.
    Suresh Kumar R.
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    Hi Members,
    Power cuts are the head ache to us. I got a news that wind power generation is reduced due to less winds. I don't know is this the real reason behind the power cuts. Is wind power is the only source for electricity? We got seven thermal power station and 2 atomic power station in Tamilnadu alone. Yet we are facing severe power cuts in Tamilnadu. I think we should move on to solar power panels. This should be constructed in each home. It seems to be costlier at first. Later it will save lot of money to us. Tamilnadu Govenment can give offers to this solar power panels. This will be eco - friendly too.

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    Hello friends,
    I would say that all the ruling party will defend themselves and the opposition parties will make some statements and state that they will overcome the problem as soon as they come to rule the state. It was Jayalalitha who made the statement that her first move was to enhance the current in our state and make our state the free from the problems caused by electricity. But as she came in to rule, she forgot all her statements and the state is suffering from the same problem once again. I don't think there is a solution to this ever ending problem.

    Sudhan A

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    Hi to friends of TSR,
    True circumstances will surely be unchangeable by anyone whether it is Mr.Karunanidhi or Ms.Jayalalitha. But according to this discussion, the blamable person for the deficiency of power in Tamil nadu we have to blame our Engineers. Since there are a lot of technical Engineers involved in the power production, they should take care of the location of installing of the power production source. (i.e. implementation of turbines,windmills etc.,). Why i am insisting this is that the location of windmills are not apt in many places and many of them are not in working condition. If these kind of existing things are repaired itself, we will get more than enough of power. So, we have to concentrate on renewable resources more than the other things. Let these bring us good QUANTITY of power.

    with regards,

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    Now the Telengana struggle has triggered more scarcity of electricity .The coal from Andhra is blocked and the production of thermal energy is diminishing .Govt should plan long term and short term projects to solve this problems. Koodangulam should be started soon.

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    Now in Madurai we are experiencing frequent power cuts. The government should soon make any solution regarding this. They must implement solar energy in Tamilnadu. Solar power plants can be easily constructed.


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    I think hat the power cuts are the major things that are affecting the life of the public to the vast level in the modern times. I dont think this problem can be solved as there are less electricity produced and the demand for them are more, the problem can be solved only if there are more production of electricity made for which the country has to focus more and the steps should be taken very soon without any delay that would facilitate the citizens of our country.
    Sudhan A

    "All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers"

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    What ever the situation be we mightn't get a proper response towards this issue from the respective departments and in my point every individual can take it as his own initiative and find the ways to save the electricity in their home or office.

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