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    What is poverty? Which is the correct poverty line?

    For some time it is discussed on poverty line.If you aska lay man he will say his next family which could not feed its members,educate their wards , accomadate them and could not care their health etc.But our govt and its planning commission ,which is fully packed by pada pada economists say if you earn daily rs 25 in rural and 34 in urban then you are above poverty line .This may not be accurate but it is clear that our govt and its wings are clear to cut short the poverty by reducing the hight of line not by raising the living capacity of men . It is told that there is a difference of opinion in planning commission that they are contradicting themselves to follow the norms of world bank or United Nations .But it is the question which norms our govt wants to follow.It decides the character of our govt .If it follows the norms of world bank it is dead against poor . And if it follows United Nations it is against poor. It is clear our govts want to cut short the spending on poor and want to give that money to rich. Hail our Indian model democracy!
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    Actually I am little bit confused with the statement made by our economists that earning RS 25 in rural and RS 35 in urban will be considered as above poverty line. How this is possible. The price of essential commodity is raising and touching sky under this situation how a man or a woman can lead his or her life with this small amount. Even beggars hesitate to take this amount. In India the minimum house rent may be Rs 1000/-. In this amount, one has to sleep under a culvert and eat nothing but drink drain water. Government want to kill all those people living below poverty line.
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    Today Jairam ramesh and montekshing Aluvalia have come to an agreement to change the poverty line .W hope that this time it would be reasonable.

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    Humans are always attracted towards money. Also only rich people were offered more than poor. Rich people don't want the poor to come up. If any thing were offered to poor then it is got by rich by their power.

    But Indian didn't understand one logic. If all were rich they don't need to worry about their future. Because the government can able to spend for all. For Example countries like America.

    Now the next problem is Government. Our Government has so many holes. Leaders are not perfect. We don't want 100% perfect leader at least 75% perfect leader is enough. India is a very rich country than we expect. Average salary of a person should be 1 lakh but what is the condition now?. But we think 1 lakh is big amount. It is very very very small amount in India. All these happens due to black money. Government wont take actions in black money because they are the person who have black money.

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    Don't blame Politicians alone. Every individual also Selfish including me. In govt offices, If some work gets 3 days to complete as per rule people are not ready to wait till 3rd day. They are ready to pay to complete the work within a day. This is the main reason for corruption.
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    Hello Friends,
    It is already estimated that more than 70% of the Member of Parliament are millionaires and I would say how the millionaires know about the problem faced by them in the streets. A mere 32 rupees for a person is said to be the poverty line and I think the 32 rupees is not enough for food itself and how the people will satisfy their minimum requirements of life with this 32 rupees a day, I think the poverty line should be fixed at that place where the people are differentiated on two basis like One who are able to satisfy their minimum requirements and one who does not able to satisfy their basic necessities.
    I think it would be about some 60 rupees a day that would be the poverty line in our country and the people below should be provided special subsidies to lead their life in our country.

    Sudhan A

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