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    What about Power-Cut in your area?

    Hi! With the arrival of summer, the Government machinery is gearing up to introduce Power-cuts in various areas depending upon the demand and importance of the area. Even I heard about villages having power-cut for the whole day time and only in the evening till next morning they will have power, fortunately.

    I am put up near Tambaram and here we do not feel any effect of power-cut and even if it happens, it lasts about maximum of 15 minutes [lucky ones!].

    I wish to you what about your area? and how do you manage with such frequent Power-cuts if any.
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    Power cut problem has become a serious issue in the Chennai. Not only in Chennai but all over Tamilnadu this problem is faced. The government is preparing many things to face this issue but still there is no use for it. The consumption of the electricity is more in the summer. So, this is the reason why there is scarcity in the Chennai for the power. Moreover the government gives a power cut for the maintenance purpose. In city it is far better when compared to the village side. In most of the villages the current is provided only for 2 hours. It is becoming a great issue for the tamil nadu. In the night time the load is even more because most of the house use AC to keep the room cool and the consumption is heavier. There should be some better option to face this current problem in the tamil nadu. It is far better if the government plans for some renewable source of energy or the alternative sources of energy. There is a quote said

    "Saving power is equivalent to the generation of the power"

    This statement is not understood by all the people but if the people come to understand this statement the unwanted usage of the power can be reduced and that can be used for some other case.

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    Hello Mr. Satishkumar!

    Well, the irnoy is, I would have already responded to this thread of yours, had there not been severe and frequent power interruptions yesterday. The suburbs of Kolkata is notorious for power cuts. I live in a suburb called Belghoria, about 7-8 km north to Kolkata, and the problem is acute here. Power is interrupted here in an average of 2 hours per day, and sometimes the toll even touches 5-6 hours a day!

    The main source of power generation in West Bengal is a thermal power plant in Santaldihi, Purulia. Of its six units, only one runs now, the rests are out of order for a long time. And that only surviving unit has to take so much extra load than it can go off at any time. All hail, the horror of communist regime in West Bengal! I would not be astonished if everyone, the old and the young alike, gives up hopes on this government (many are doing already and looking for a voting in favour of Mamata Banerjee in the upcoming Assembly Election in 2011).

    Let us wait for God to get rid of this trouble. Let Him say once again: "Let there be Light"!


    Kumaraditya Sarkar.

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