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    Thangam Serial , number one worst programme

    In sun TV at 8.30pm Monday to Friday Thangam serial is shown .From its starting it only concentrating on rituals of everyday life of our Tamil people which Thanthai Periyar was fought until to his death.His disciple murosolimaran 's Sun TV spreading foolishness daily.A man having two wives is portrayed as great. Two collector characters are used to justify all the foolish rituals of villages .Tactically IAS officers are preaching foolishness instead of poor illiterates.It is the motto of the director and the sun TV to turn back the past history to the period of prior periyar.All should condemn the serial to stop at once.
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    Hello sir,
    I too feel that the serial is the worst of all the serials in Tamil channels it has been simply dragged like anything and my mom spends most of her time in watching this serials. Almost all the serials are being dragged and the mega serials are made to run for some thousands of days which should run only for some 300 days. I feel instead of watching these serials they can watch some live programs that are run on the television channels.

    Sudhan A

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    Hello sir,
    as per my view goes, the tamil serial thangam is only a entertainment serial and more concerned about the tamil rituals. I quote this because the comedy is given prior or more important than the rituals in this serial.
    For example one day the man and vanthana both of them applied chillly powder on amman's face. After this very much expected incident, nothing happens to both the clients. So this seriale may not direct the people to the old rituals.
    The serial goes on with more of comedies and entertainments. The character played by elavanchi is a remarkable one. According to me watching of serial is waste of time. Rather than watching the serials the people can do something to improve their life.

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    Men also watching serials!!!
    Suresh Kumar R.
    Engal Vazhvum Engal Valamum Mangaadha Tamizh Endru Sangae Muzhanku

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    Hello mr. Suresh kumar,

    it is not that men are watching serials. When we are at home the serial is watched by the members of the family. It is occasionally we here the dialogues from the serials while passing by. Or just sit with our households when they discuss about the serial. With that knowledge only i have commented on the serial. Giving opinion about a serial does not mean that we are watching.

    Defeat the defeat, before the defeat defeats you


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    Dear Friends,

    I feel that not only the Thangan serial in Sun TV is worst. Most of the serials in today's Tamil channel are worst. The Private TV channels is working in money motive basis. They are getting lakhs and crores of money by advertisement. This kind of serials are helping them to increase their revenue. They are not worry about the quality of serials that they are broadcasting and their aim is only to generate more income. In order to regulate this serial broadcasting in private channels, The government should take necessary action by incorporating the following conditions.

    * The serials must avoid to have illegal scenes and give some good message to the people.

    * They should get approval from the sensor board as like flim

    * The time limitations and quality should be tested

    * The restrictions among the ads should be implemented

    with regards,

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    Yes, it is totally absurd.Such kind of serials have no meaning at all.But the serial directors simply make the housewives to watch it by creating a suspense scene at the end of day.

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