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    Chidambaram going to be booked and cooked

    Chidambaram is a politician from tamilnadu . Now it is shameful that our state has sent another criminal to the central cabinet. Slowly chidambaram is brought to the daylight that he is also one of the cause for 2gspectrum scam . Finance ministry has sent to PM that PC could have stopped the 2g scam if he intervened in proper manner. At one time he has objected to the spectrum auction in the system of first come first serve .But after sometime he was silent and justified the wrong method of auction .This has exposed that he had got his due share in the scam. After Some time this will reach Manmohan if the investigation goes in right path. If raja has to be in jail for scam why not chidambaram.As he is a congressman has he got the right to earn money through corruption ?
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    It is a past time history that congress always supported corruption in one or other way. The corrupt congressian always backup by the party. So, we cannot expect a clean government from congress. Whenever congress came into ruling, poor people suffered a lot. In the budget itself these things can be seen very clear that our finance minister Shri. Pranab Mukerjee reduce the cost of cellphone, small cars and other IT peripherals but imposing taxes on essential goods.
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    It is a cabinet decision how can P.Chidambaram change it asking salman Kurshid.This statement reveals than P.C is not guilty ; but the full cabinet itself. well done Kurshit

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    Hello friends,
    I think Chidambaram escaped the controversy by a very thin margin, I still feel that he is also a part of the 3G scam that took many victims to its name, I think that there should be a thorough investigation made on all those persons who are caught in the hands of law.

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    He is nearing the ring which would cover him as the supreme court starts to enquire the application of Subramanian samy to enquire him as well as Rasa.In his version he has pointed that he and Rasa are same in 2G case.We can expect a news in november .we can wait and see

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