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    How to make Tamil Spider more user friendly

    I am starting this forum thread to ask experts advice to improve present condition of Tamil Spider. I know Tamil Spider is although very user friendly but there may some suggestions in everyones mind that can help Tamil Spider to grow at very fast rate. I too have some ideas which can help this site to grow at much faster rate than usual. I will share my views by comments but I also need your ideas which can help Tamil Spider to become number 1 site in India. Please participate in this discussion.
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    I have one suggestion. There are lot of new members who are joining Tamil Spider but they leave TSR without contributing a single article. This may be due to no knowledge of working here at TSR. So my suggestion is that there should be one special corner for newbies. It should include all the essential articles that can help new members to contribute more in Tamil Spider. I know all the essential articles are included in homepage of TSR but newbies may found it tough to find essential ones. So there should be one seperate column for newbies. One more thing Editors should give little more points+cash to newbies as this will improve their confidence. These are my suggestions and I hope webmaster will do something for newbies.

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    You have given out a good suggestion. I am a new member and when I entered here I got tensed as there was no one to lead me. I also have some suggestions to make this site user friendly.I want the web master to add new features like review contests etc. and I also want to increase the awards. I want to add a new award for most efficient new member and also for the best performers every week. Adding more features would attract others. Any how I am looking forward for more brilliant ideas in this site.

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    Hi Narender Sharma
    Your views are correct. I have one idea to eradicate this problem. Can make "new member faq" bigger. Now this link present in the top of the screen this and this is not visible. Also forums can be made bigger. New comers have no idea to where to ask their questions. Also we can add section like current awards and current awards won. This may attract and allow new members to get the award.

    @ Freddy Thomson
    Now there is Member of the day award. Score 80 points and get Rs :50 instantly. Also there is another award partnership share. You can get a share at the end of every month for the points you got.

    Quick earning Tips

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    Hello Friends,
    I feel that the Tamil spider is not so active as the sister sites and though there are many number of users the forum section is still containing the small number of questions posted and I think the members are not interested in this section. In order to improve the site this section has to be improved for which the active participation of all the active members of the site.

    Sudhan A

    "All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers"

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    In my view, tamilspider is doing wonderful job. This site gives much higher adsense earning than anyother sister sites. Though I have contributed very little at tsr but the adsense earning is quite satisfactory. The MOD for two members is a wonderful award existing none other than tsr to my knowledge. In all sites, the data will vary over the login members and active members. Hardly one among ten members show their interest to work on the sites. Our webmaster, kranti given his own gtalk id in many threads. As a suggestion I think the gtalk id of our webmaster and the editor must be made visible permanently. So, that our new members can contact him to get immediate help.
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    Hello sir,
    I don't think that the Tsr is doing a good job I am a regular member of ISC and would say that the response to the forum section is very rare, I think the site encourages only posts related to Tamil nadu and all the other news are not regarded equally and I would also state that in order to make the Tamil spider more efficient the current topics should be discussed with would help for the betterment of the site as well as the people. I could remember that I posted an article on the stock market which was rejected by the editors and I also posted one or two topics that were of national interest but was avoided and was rejected I would say that the members should be free to post the resources of their likes for the betterment of the site and the restriction can be posed only on the copied content and nothing else.

    Sudhan A

    "All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers"

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    Hello dear, kindly note that Tamil Spider is a regional site. Main goal of tamil spider is to provide complete stoppage for all Tamilnadu news, articles etc. If you want to share articles which are not related to Tamilnadu then you can use other sister sites or India Study Channel.

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