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    People leant a lesson against corruption in the Anna hazare amran anshan andholan

    To day (28-08-2011) Anna hazare is getting ready to give off his 12 day amran anshan. It is expected to the event take place at 10.00 am in the Ram leela maidan. The decision of giving off his anshan was taken by anna hazare following the fulfillment of his demands in partial by the government. Earlier, he and his followers appealed the government to make a debate over the issue of Citizen charter, Lower bureaucracy and installing lokayukta in the states. Considering his appeal, government agreed to make a debate and voice voting in the parliament. Finally, anna hazare termed this vitory as a half only and we have to fight more to get the full victory. He thanked all supporters and media for rendering full support all throughout the andholan.
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    initially he demanded only Jan lokpal bill should be introduced and passed .Then only he would vacate Ramlila Maidan .What happened now? He has cut short his demand so that the govt could accept .So govt and BJP,left and all accepted to save his life taking pity on him discussed just a resolution not a bill. It would be sent to select committee .This procedure was initially rejected by Anna's team .Now why they accept ?Any how the parliamentary democracy has won as it did not yield to some activists group as they try to dictate terms of passing a bill.Without knowing the strength and procedures Anna's team played a drama ,may have serious aim, and put forth themselves as the only crusader of corruption but in serious analysation they have failed

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    The victory Anna hazare is peoples victory. The heart ans sole of each and every individual of country supported directly or indirectly for Anna hazare's war against corruption.
    It is giving the feel like traveling to Mahathma Gandigi's life period. We should be proud to be an Indian.


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    Don't be emotional. Crores of people don't know what is happening.Only educated and middle class people are attracted.They were watching it as a good drama. Jan lokpal bill was dropped by Anna himself and he had modified his demands as three.He modified so as to be acceptable to govt so as to finish his is one more gimmick in politics.Now it is from non politician .It is also a politics.some vested interests are trying to hijack politics from politicians. Any how parliament ,democracy and Anna were saved . He is fighting with the shadow not the root cause of corruption.In his way corruption won't be affected. One positive result of this is middle class and educated section turned their ears towards politics and corruption and a minimum level participation .Till now they were away from our society . For this only I welcome this struggle.

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    Hi to all,

    I feel mr. Vasudevan is on the right track. Its real fact when we look into the issue practically.

    The great danger now india is facing would corruption. A revolt has to take place against corruption in India. As corruption is the main hinderence for India's growth some action should be taken to prevent it. This may ANNA who gives some knowledge to people. As the tv news repeatedly show the problem even the uneducated people can have an idea to a little on the seriousness of the corruption.

    Defeat the defeat, before the defeat defeats you


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    Hello friends,
    I feel that the team Anna should perform well again as soon as they get the right in the lokpal. The government is taking too mush of time to prepare the bill and proper actions should be taken in order to overcome this problem at its earliest. Now that all seems to be over and Anna and government doesn't seem to take any steps against the corruption in the country.

    Sudhan A

    "All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers"

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    Hi All,

    Yes it is a great turning point in the Indian politics, where most of the people gave their support to Anna Hazare's against corruption.But congress now keen in showing that the members of hazares board are accused by the goverment.One of the company claimed that kiran bedi took extra money in flight charge as she trvelled only in economic class but she claimed business class charge.Kiran bedi said that she will return the money to the concerned organisation and also she told that extra money was given to the NGO.she claimed.

    we all are hoing that in the winter session of parliment govt will propose the lokhayukta panel in all the states with strict rules against corruption.

    Still 20 more days to go..Awaiting for the session.


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