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    Anna Hazare words reached govermment

    Anna Hazare words finally reached government ear. past 12 day anna hazar don't take food 12 day. Throught out the India many people support anna hazare and they also don't take food.

    Finally it fasting is finish today morning. Goverment told we accept anna hazare request with slite modification and also we recommended to the discussion team.

    But let we see what will happen.
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    It is a heart touching decision from the government side. Finally the non-violence anshan won the battle. As Gandhi said, the non-violence is the strongest weapon to be fought against government or any other atrocities. Now the whole world realized and watching anna hazare with their bulging eyes. Initially, many of them have a question, will it fetch any positive result?. Eventfully, the government shook down its head in-front of the public pressure. But in my view, very frank the government still make some changes in favour of their own corruption. so, it is too early to comment on this issue. Let us see how the government is formulating the lokpal bill issue. It is to be watched whether they have any positive will to implement the janlokpal bill or as same they want to inject the government lokpal bill.
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    Anna is saved is the important aspect of this episode.Who has won is a million dollar question.Media boosted this movement and it declares it a success.Good. To fight with corruption is good message spread in this struggle. But nothing will be happen if a corruption took place tomorrow . At the starting Anna declared indefinite fast and he accepted to fifteen days.After he reached ramlila maidan he declared he will not move from there until he succeed . His demand was the jan lokpal bill should be passed in parliament.But he has finished his fast without passing the bill.Then how he won? It is drama played by the govt,BJP and Anna's team? It is a face saving of all but nothing happen.all has assured that all of them are anti corruption. Who had accepted that they are pro corruption before .Two months were wasted diverting from our own issues of price rise ,unemployment,poverty etc.All feel good except the downtrodden

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