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    Do we need death sentences for the 21st century India?

    3 People have to be hanged for death on 9th September....Let TN be the 1st Indian state to ban death sentence. We (our sentiments towards Srilankan Tamils and their well fare) have been ignored by the central Govt in the past. Before our anger against central administration is getting over, another judgment has been issued to prevent the people sentiments with the support of law.

    Tamil people have to be united at least in this issue. Laws are for the people and people are not for the Law. Only JJ has the guts to take-up central Govt and resolve this issue. Remember that US secretary of state (2nd powerful position next to US President) Hillary Clinton met JJ in Chennai which shows how powerful leader in India!

    In India, students are asked to participate against mandal commission implementation, reservations bills, recently for supporting Anna Hazare's Anti-Corruption campaign. Similar way, the organizers who are taking-up this issue should invite students participation (Though, personally I am against students participation in any of the Political agitation) for the success.

    Gandhian way of fighting would be successful only when the opponent is very honest and give respect to the cause of the issue, respect sentiments of the people, intellectual thoughts and people judgments/opinions. If central Govt is going to ignore Tamil people thoughts/opinions and sentiments then we have to do something for teaching a lesson and stepping down the central Govt which is already facing firing issue in Andhra Telungana, Anna Hazarre etc
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    In my view, the death sentence should be continue for the terrorist activities and the national security etc. The terrorism is completely against the mankind. No one has the license to kill men in large numbers. So, the terrorist activities are brutal and hence they should be hanged as soon as completion of prosecution. Millions of innocent people lost their lives of terrorism. What is the motto of terrorism? is it to take the lives of innocent people?. This clarification is sufficient to continue the death sentnce for all terrorist activities. Alas! our congress government is making some tactic politics over the terrorism. Congress is completely mixing the terrorism and the religion and playing vote bank politics by keeping kasab in jail custody.
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    Our constitution stands good for all times .It paves way to hang the guiltiest .So it is legal .They may live if our constitutional methods allow them.Let them continue the fight in courts not in streets.At the time of seeking lives to them their supporters say they are innocent.It is the supreme court that found them guilty and it punished them to hang.It is not correct to plead them innocent at this stage. To plan or help to kill our nations leader is not agreeable .Let law take its own course.

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