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    How do you feel about doctors commission

    Nowadays the Medical treatment treats as an ordinary business life cycle. on the whole every scan center providing 25% to 35% commission (even Medical Center) to the Doctors (who is referred to the particular scan center). Even the patient went to the doctor in favour of Stomach ache, Though the doctor listed out Blood test .... to CT Scan etc. How do you think, this kind of culture continues in days to come.
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    You are right to the immoral activities of doctors. Everyone want to heap money in any means. The moral of everyone went off. Once the doctors were treated equal to god but now with their money making attitude they lost their fame and the superior quality. Now the doctors are ready to do anything for the want of money. In many laboratory they are given money for issuing fake medical report. On the contrary still there are few doctors who are working for their conscience. such doctors should be saluted and respected.
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    Hi sir,

    I have worked as a medical representative for some time and came through many hospitals and doctors. What you have stated is absolutely correct. Now every field is made as business. There are fields where the money should not be the prime aim. In many hospitals we can see this situation where money plays vital role. in order to increase their income the doctors prescribe for an unwanted scan. which could affect the poor people economically. The doctors usually subscribe a large amount of medicine which is not really need for the patient.

    Though the immoral acitvities grow there are many number of dedicated doctors in Tamil Nadu. As said by Mr. Krishnamoorthy we should give a big salute to them.

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    We lost our humanity. Teachers were not respected. Women were used only for sexual desire. Marriages done like trading. This all seems to be the symptoms of Kali Yuga (worlds end). Aethist(People who have no belief in God) population now ranks third in the world. Every act done by humans now becoming worse. We forget love and switched our thoughts to money money money. Every humans were forced to do mistake in this world. What will a man do if petrol price rises like this? What will a man do if he wants to save his daughter suffering from dangerous disease? What will a man do if he wants to pay fees for his child studying in school? Every where money speaks. Doctor is one of the man suffering from this situation. Moral education dies a lot in the name of science. Science doesn't taught us to do bad things. Humans are using science in bad things.

    The limit of money should be taught to the humans. Only 0.01 % of doctors in the world were dedicated to their job. We should be grateful to them.


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    Yes Mr.Rajaram, Nowadays this has become a business rather than service. Some are more concerned towards money forgetting the ethics in their job. If this continues, then it indicates that the society has gone worse. They can be paid for their service but it should not be like giving commission.
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    Hello Friends,
    I too think these are the true activities that are done in most of the hospitals in the city. The give some other treatment in addition to that they need to do and earn money from the public. It is the original fact that I went to doctor to check what was the reason of my fever, I approached three doctors and got a diverse opinion on all the three. one said that it was just the fever, other one said that it was a viral fever and the third one stated to take blood test and urine test for that small fever and at last stated that every thing was normal. what do you think about the divergent view of the doctors against the patients who believe them and approach them in order to solve the problem they are facing. This is not only the case which affects me but it is the current position that is prevailing in our surroundings.

    Sudhan A

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