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    Government want a toothless lokpal bill

    The main reason for the clashes between Team Anna and the government is that the government want a toothless lokpal which cannot act at their own. The government side says that the lokpal cannot issue orders to punish any corrupted instead they have to refer the case to court for further prosecution.

    Team Anna says that the lokpal should be empowered as an autonomous body to initiate the corruption charges and punish them if found guilty. There are many anti corruption agencies like CBI and CVC working in India but they cannot stop corruption why? this is only because these agencies have no right to investigate at their own but wait for the formal order of the government. So, the corrupted officials and minister can easily get rid of their corruption charges by influencing their political or money power. That's why they demand a strong lokpal which can help in controlling corruption at least to 80%.

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    How Corruptive govts would accept to fire their head themselves? It is their right to corrupt if they are elected to rule .Your points or Anna's points are valuable .My point is that the people should come to road to struggle .We should not put an old man in this risky struggle.If people support this they have to struggle and accept the hardships instead of putting anna's head on democracy we have many points to raise. Is there any govt which get 50% votes except one to my knowledge ,Rajiv, when Indira was shot dead. when 35 % voters occupy govt 65% are ruled. In a constituency 30- 40 %percent voters elect a man and he is representing 100%Is it correct.Is it democracy? in my opinion all should have their reps .For that we should have proportionate representative system .Until then these chaos will continue.

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    I support Anna Hazare. Many Government and politics were corrupted more when compared to private sector. It is like Thief ruling our country. India will surely become super power if this corruption is controlled 50%. No one raise voice for past 65 years of independence. According to me it is too late. We should support Anna Hazare for his cause. If we leave this to our government again they will surely make toothless lokpal bill as said by Mr.Krishnamoorthy.


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    Thanks venkatakumar and vasudevan for giving your views over the toothless lokpal. We all should support for only Janlokpal bill no other lokpal like one from NCPRI and another from jai prakash submitted their lokpal bill. This type of submitting many lokpal bill will definitely loosened the situation and may act in favour of government. So, all people of India should be very keen to enact the janlokpal bill and all other bills should be kept aside and returned.
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