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    Kiran Bedi's charge on govt that it has no interest on Anna's life is not right

    On sixth day of Anna's fast Kiran Bedi is charging that govt is not interested in Ana's life.It is mockery.It is Anna's team to be blamed for this.They should have not allowed him ,an aged social worker to take risk putting his life at the grace of corrupt govt. UPA has majority .How will it allow its Manmohan to be prosecuted by his own bill.So how can Kiran bedi expect to pass such a bill and save Anna. Anna's team should have think a number of times before letting him to sit fast unto the death.It is not a game to play politics with risking a old man's life Anna's team member kejriwal asks people to picket MPs.Is it gandhian way of struggling.anna accept fifteen days time for fast and now he declare that he won't vacate until the bill is passed
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    In democracy nothing is above the people. Don't think that he is sitting in anshan for the benefit of himself, it is to make India a corrupt free country. Huge number of people supporting Anna for his Amran Anshan Andholan (AAA). The government should act according to the wishes of people. Today Anna told in the maidan, People are the real master and the MP's and MLA's are the servant but actually what happened after giving the duty of servant the master slept by forgetting his duties to be vigilant over the servant. NOw servant taken the seat of master letting the master over the platform. His speech was really impressive. This is the real situation. At present the politicians are doing what they want to do. It is people who given the right of voting in Parliament. Every MP should vote according to the wishes of the people of his constituency but actually what happens they vote according to the party decision. This is a wrong way in the Democracy. Government will always try to kick out the lokpal bill because all MP's wont allow such bill which will make public of their corruption activities. In all political meeting the crown is purchased on their money strength but in the Anna's Andholan the people showing their support on their own will and wishes.
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    Thank you for your deep comments.I accept your points at maximum level.Now a days it is a fashion that criticising all politicians.I have a strong opinion that attacking politicians also a politics.So I have to choose between correct politics and politics looking like non politics.In our nation Anna is not the first man who oppose corruption.opposition parties correctly exposed UPA corruptions .They fought them in parliament and outside of it.That time this activists were silent.But opposition parties struggled hard to book corrupt ministers and put them in jail.Supreme court has to intervene .One by one scams came out.people were angry .In this background only these activists try to encash the angry of the public to set aside the politicians who were the real reason to expose the corruptions. In this background the lokpal bill for the ninth time came into forefront.

    My argument does not implies that Anna's fast is selfish and we should not support this. I have respect and deep concern over his life.But he is used for diverting main issues by some tactical politicians we could not see openly. More over his demands are not democratical.He is thrusting his opinion on parliament .He can demand but fasting unto death is blackmailing .He has to take other ways.It is too risky to put him in this battle.congress won't take it serious.Then who will be the loser? Will the bill end corruption?

    Our constitution has no way to recall our representative we select once.So though you are morally correct it is not democratical.Who decides people are demanding and how you decide ?Is there any referendum taken.A group is not nation. It is not logic to compell against the parliament though it is wrong .we can oppose by propagating like dharna,demonstration ,token fast .But indefenite fast is dangerous one for such a demand. Let him start a party and fight in elections.if he is getting majority he can dictate terms on parliament.that is the correct path

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