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    Re-introduce of Partnership programme - Need suggestions from everyone

    Hello members,
    Greetings to all! I have come up with the good news to all active members of TSR. I'm planning to re-introduce Partnership programme again with slight modifications. I have been receiving so many suggestions regarding partnership programme which was a HUGE HIT. Let me come to the point! Previously we used to share 50% of the the profit to all members who have crossed the minimum eligibility criteria with minimum effective points of 6500. But, this time due to other constraints we are planning to share 25% of profit with the minimum effective points of 8000. It is because partnership share was sponsored program previously, but it is NO more a sponsored one and this means whatever is partnership share it will be considered as sites expense. So, we are making it to 25%.

    The points form resource, business points, Tamilnadu bookmarks will only taken into consideration. We consider this programme for 2 months. Based on the feedback from members and other criteria we can decide whether to continue with partnership programme or with weekly & monthly awards.

    Let me remind you that we cannot run both revenue programmes simultaneously i.e Member of the Week, Member of the Month + Partnership programme. But, MOD will continue as usual. So, it is your choice to decide whether you want Weekly, monthly awards or partnership share.

    I request the members to think twice before you give reply. The selection will be based on the majority of members saying YES to partnership share or continue with MOW & MOM.
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    Hi Kranthi,

    I think it is a good move to bring back the partnership program. Hope this brings back active members to TSR. For the past two months there was not much contribution among the active members except for a few. I believe partnership share may be the catalyst to bring them back to TSR.

    I would also like to appreciate the efforts of Venkata Kumar and Krishnamoorthy who had been contributing good resources for the past couple of months. Keep up the good work.

    Members please feel free to voice your opinion about partnership share, MOW and MOM. This will be helpful for the webmaster to decide which one to continue in the coming months.


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    I appreciate the webmaster Kranti for a democratic approach in deciding which benefit of members has to be continued either MOW, MOM or partnership share. In my view, we should go with the partnership share. At the end of each month the members will get some amount according to their consistency over earning points. Maximum members will get benefit from the partnership share. If we go through the MOW or MOM only a few member will get benefit of this award. For instance, five members compete in the MOM race only one of them will be selected and the others may left the award due to short of very few points it may be 1 or 2 points. This doesn't mean that other four members not contributed. So, taking at large, partnership share is the best for the members as well as for the tsr.

    Here I have a question,
    Question 1 : How the share can be divided if the total points earned by the members surpass the effective points of 8000?.

    Question 2 : In low scoring, What about the undivided money?. For example all members together earned only 7000 points it means the amount for remaining thousand points becomes undivided money.

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    Hello webmaster,
    It is better to continue partnership share. The merit of partnership share is every one can get cash credits from the contribution. But in MOW and MOM only one can get and also sometimes no one is eligible to get the award. At first I was impressed by this Partnership share.

    Drawbacks of MOW and MOM
    1. Members will not contribute if any members gain more point than him in that day.
    2. If they contribute there is no award for him. So his effort goes vain.
    3. Only one can get the award.
    4. Few members say 1 or 2 members get benefit through it.

    But in partnership share there are not much drawbacks. You can get credits for your efforts even if the amount is small or big. While starting partnership share you can also start resource contest one which is hot in ISC.

    So my opinion is Patnership share + MOD + any resource contest( atleast Twice per month).

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    Hello Webmaster,
    Its pleasure for me to hear this announcement from your for the members of TSR. I go with the points told by Mr.Venkata Kumar. I think the introduction of Partnership share again will be a good idea. The partnership share can benefit the share holders for their contribution and they will be very much excited and get encouraged too. I think the Partnership share program is to be reintroduced. This drives more members to contribute in Tamil Spider and the MOD will do its job of driving a great traffic. We are welcoming Partnership Share with pleasure.

    with regards,

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    Hello everyone,
    Thanks for responses.

    @T.Krishnamoorthy - Its simple, we consider the total points by all members. Suppose if the total points are 8600, we divide the total 25% profit share by 8600 points multiplied by your points.

    Example: Let us assume that total effective points are 500 for instance. A, B, C has scored 100, 75, 200 points respectively and site has earned 80USD.
    80*45 = 3600
    25% is this is 900.
    Partnership share for A = (900/500)*100 = 180 RS
    Partnership share for B = (900/500)* 75 = 135 Rs
    Partnership share for C = (900/500)* 200 = 360 Rs

    This is an example if site has earned 80 USD in a month but normally we earn lot more than that. If the total points earned by all members is 600, we divide it by 600 instead of 500.

    Regarding the undistributed money, it all depends on members to utilize most of it.

    A S Kranthi Kiran

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    Hi Kranthi

    I welcome the idea of re-introducing of partnership programme. The partnership share we had earlier was quite successful. As put forth by Mr.Venkata Kumar, in MOW and MOM only one person will get benefited. Partnership program will motivate every one and makes them to be active on our site which in turn we would fetch good traffic. So I welcome partnership programme with pleasure.


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    Hai Kranthi

    The idea of Re introducing of partnership program is really good. This is the best way to motivate the members than other reward programs. partnership program gives a healthy competition among the members and make them to yearn handsome pocket money.
    According to me partnership program is the master of All reward Programs.


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    It is good to see people giving a positive response for the thread. For the past two months the contributors to TSR got reduced. I think the Partnership sharing again will bring back the active members and will be helpful for the new members too. As we all know, TSR showed a very good improvement in terms of contributions and revenue too. The partnership sharing again will bring back the same situation again and will definitely help in the growth of Tamilspider.

    Thanks & Regards
    S. Balasubramanian
    Site Coordinator Tamilspider
    Webmaster Chennaispider

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    Hi sir, I know I am not active on Tamil Spider but this revenue sharing programme is really wonderful and will attract members like me to work in Tamil Spider. So according to me please start this program as soon as possible.

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