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    Congress is in trouble with Anna hazare matter

    Congress is in trouble to tackle Anna hazare matter. Anna hazare remained in jail & refused to come out, he did correctly, iam eagerly waiting to see the reply from central, i thought Mr singh ji may reply like - "i don't know anything & iamn't involved in Anna hazare's arrest'', but Mr Sing ji replied -Government was committed to acting against corruption and that it wanted a "strong Lokpal to prevent corruption in high places." I wish Anna ji should be stubborn in his decision, unless getting positive reply frm central. Hmm.. amma also kept quiet for this. Read in article D.M.K is upset due to this.
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    Govt is boosting the image of Anna in a planned manner. It has more time for elections.So it would not suffer now.It has the problem of 2G,3G,CWG Adharsh scams.So this struggle would divert all from the corruption.Moreover in parliament ,there will be no discussion on Price rise, unemployment,poverty,and specific cases of corruption like 2G etc.So congress very much benefited by this struggle.anna is indirectly helping congress.But anna's demand is not acceptable.So Anna would be caught in a problem how could he end the fast without a victory.At that time all would say,oh corruption could not be defeated

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    Actually the government correlate the Anshan of Ramdev with Anna hazare. They thought that police is capable of dealing with the situation. In this case due to mass support in favor of Anna hazare made the police and government to re-think over the arrest of anna hazare. So, they made him released on the same evening on 16th August,2011. India is a democratic country, here the people have their voice than all other agencies. A huge gathering of students community backup the issue and sustaining the anshan in the same pace.
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    Yes. It is true that Tamilnadu is keeping a low profile in voicing their support to Anna Hazare. Not only Tamilnadu, other south India states are also not voicing their concern aggresively. It is high time that we all come united and raise our voice agaisnt corruption.

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    Not only Tamil Nadu or South India ,in north too there is no furious support at all . They planned to Egypt style struggle.But no response.On the day of arrest not more than 1400 were arrested in Delhi.Nationwide 5000 only.After the release only people came out in support.They only giving moral support but if there is a need they won't come for token arrest too. How can his bill be passed without ruling party's support ?It is undemocratic to demand his bill to be passed.Let be passed ,will there corruption end? Why not a single word on CWG,2G,3G KG scams of govt ? Actually after supreme court intervention scams were come out and action is taken.If not Anna's drama ,parliament would have discussed all these corruptions.

    To avoid this hindrance congress is brilliantly using Anna.Emotional ,sudden interested in politics students are give support innocently. At the end they will say oh these activists also like politicians , waste. There should be a deep analysis about corruption.corruption and the fight against it is not new . Now it is Anna's chapter .Alas He is use by some vested interests.

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