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    Protests, fasts across the nation in support of Anna Hazare

    Anna Hazare arrested for indefinite fast. Protests and fasts are going on across our nation in support of Anna Hazare. Do you support him?
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    Hi Mangala,

    This is a serious issue as government is trying to curtail the individual right of an Indian which is against the constitution.
    As an individual you have every right to protest in a peaceful manner. Government action will only make the matters worse.


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    I just heard the news that Anna Hazare had been put in Tihar Jail. It looks funny that those who are corrupt are in Tihar Jail and those who fight against corruption are also put in Tihar jail.
    "It happens only in India"


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    This act prove that India is corrupted. All politician are involved in corruption activity it seems. But now politician were blaming Anna Hazare is also corrupted. I can't guess what is happening. But one thing we all know is "Every politician were corrupted". While reading newspaper you can find the people who opposing Anna Hazare were only the politician.

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    Actually the lokpal bill was introduced during 1968 since then the bill faces lot of setbacks. So, the congress ministers reshaped the Lokpal bill at their interest by changing all sections and sub-sections which are against their corrupt activities. Hence, a revolution must come to implement the Janlokpal bill at the people interest. The congress government's lokpal bill is very much dangerous to common people and it has been designed to increase the corruption at a larger level.
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    This is the crucial situation to find a way to against corruption. Congress political peoples are ready to knee down for ANNAJI act. Not even congress all corrupted people are ready to cage. In all over world people are supporting to ANNAji as well as America. In this occasion we can easily note who people are against to lokpal, they are also involved in corruption. That is why they are convulse and quacking themselves for the act of lokpal. One day it'll must be happened that "corrupted people are inside the cage". we'll wait for further act of now a days freedom fighter annaji's purity war.


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    corruption and lokpal bill are not new. Many times congress itself accepted to include PM in the purview of lokpal bill and at the time of BJP rule congress demanded for it. Now suddenly there is a upsurge in the media against corruption. They focus that Anna is the first man to oppose corruption and he is only capable to demand it and he will win.These are the parts of the picture they create but false .People are very very angry about the corruption continuously flowed out.Its range was huge and bulging on.So people voted for the new govts in recent election.So congress and BJP trickily planning to use this old man and divert from 2G, 3G,KG,CWG,Adharsh ,karnataka mines and land scams. They do not wantthe solution but a bill. What will happen if the demand of Anna accepted?corruption will end?Never.Where is the law allowing corruption ?Already there is law which could inquire PM .Though there are laws against corruption there are scams.Then how this bill will end corruption. people are cowards,On the day of the arrest merely 1500 were courted arrest in delhi.Totally just 5000 in the naitonal level.After the govt showed oscillation about releashing Anna the people came out in rallies,dharnas fasts etc.If govt took a stand to arrest all then this movement would not last for five days with this strength

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    Hi Mr.Vasudevan , What you said is correct, But my question is Why don't you participate in this rally with out your selfishness and blameless?. This world have many problem not even corruption only. Now a days all the peoples are ready to blame others and without any involvement in this type of purity act like you people.
    All the time any some person lead any good act means we appreciate them. Then only their purity act will terminate in good manner.
    I accept the lokpall is not new one. But now a days it is becoming so strong and we'll anticipate good result. And we hope all is well for India.


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    Hi Dinesh ! you are corrrect that if a good thing is happening we should join or support.In past many leftist parties opposed many things done by this govt.But these people did not listen to them .So only our country is not in a good position.Even lakhs of people,labours participated meetings,picketing bandh etc was not published properly in medias.
    I had participated many many struggles in past and now also anti corruption rally organised by leftists yesterday I took part with my wife.
    All are having politics including Anna .His politics is avoiding leftists.why?Leftists oppose multinational companies ,monopolies and landlords who are the real culprits in corruptions,scams.PM ,CM,ministers,MPs, MLAs,Officers are only brokers to these beneficiers.Anna's team is opposing only brokers not the beneficiers.This kind of opposition would not yield good results .The real cause of corruption at a huge level is globalasation ,privatisation and liberalisation.Anna's team do not touch this policy.Then how it would give results. I welcome this struggle ,as any struggle will have its effect though a minimal level and rouse many towards public issues .But I want a struggle deep and policy level . continuous struggles in right path only a need of the hour

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    Congress never accept the Janlokpal bill in its present shape. They are only saying that the prime minister should not be included in the janlokpal bill. I ask why? he also one of the MP's of parliament. History says many prime Ministers and Judges are also indulged in corrupt activities. The congress government thinks winning a election means getting license for doing corruption. The congress is the most corrupt party in India. Secondly, in the government drafted lokpal you cannot investigate NAREGA, PDS, Municipals, Panchayats. This shows that lot of corruption activities have been staged in these four domains.
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    Govt's version we could not accept .But in previous times congress insisted to include PM when NDA brought the bill without PM.In one previous attempt congress itself brought with pM but not passed .Now it is fully exposed . So it is dodging . It may pass at the end of its term.At the same time Anna's version also could not be accepted as it is.It should be discussed in Parliament .They are people's representatives .It is Democracy. compelling to accept his draft is a tactics to develop impatience on politicians .To develop anarchism ,it may be used by our enemies .So all should be vigilant .Now internet and medias and sms etc are used in a planned manner to spread chaos in many countries.Some imperialistic countries are trying to fishing in this situation .No concrete alternative were established in Egypt,syria,libiya etc countries where riots happened recently.It is helping developed countries to intervene .

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