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    God VS Science which one you support?

    Hi members,
    This is general topic to discuss. I believed in God so much when I was small. But now slowly it ceases. Once a read a book written by Dan Brown he says that many invention made by Einstein has been hidden as it likely proves that there is no God. For that reason Einstein has been tortured more regarding his invention. There was always conflict between this two "Religion and Science". I need to know which one do you support and reason why you support.

    Members discuss your responses with that it wont hurt others. Anything you point out must make the society to peace.

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    Hai venkata kumar,
    A nice question asked in the forum so far. I support science because science is at our reach and god is beyond our reach. God is man created where as science is the principles man invented. So, believe on those things which can be seen, touched, smelled and so on. Who have seen the god? no one but it is only the things used to keep away from all ill elements. The god is within you, if you do right thing, do not give problem to anyone, try to follow the truth and non-violence.

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    Hi Venkat,

    You have created an interesting forum thread to discuss. I believe God than Science. God is the creator of the whole universe and each and every thing happens because of God.

    If you trust in God and believe him wholeheartedly you will feel very light and you will come to the belief that God will solve our problems.

    Though there are lots of growth in science no doctor or any scientist can make a dead person alive. They cannot even make the dead ones to be alive for even a minute.

    Religion is something which is true belief. All the religions teaches a man about the good behavior.

    Science can never ever be compared with God the almighty.


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    Hi Venkat,

    This is an interesting topic to discuss. Thanks to science which has provided this platform to discuss and share our views which can be viewed and read by all.
    It would be better if we analyze them separately rather than comparing the two.
    Science is created by man which has been created and tested by the inventor as well as the common man who uses it. The rise of Science is so huge that it has become part and parcel of our daily life. We will be unable to live without it. In future science is going to take over man.

    God is created by man which he had neither seen nor seen by others. It is a belief that has been there for a long time. Early days God was created to install fear in man so that he does not do any wrong things in his life. But nowadays that fear had vanished and people only laugh at you if you tell that you will get punished by god if you do any wrong thing.

    Both Science and God depends on the belief of the individual. Science cannot bring back dead man alive but surely can save a dying man which God cannot.


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    Hi venkat,
    I would state that I believe in both god and science, But I dont think you will be able to answer my points on god after seeing this thread.
    The best example would be creation of human beings in this earth. though there is scientific observations that state human beings were formed from sudden changes in the earth phenomenon I would tend to ask the question from where human got the talents and six senses. It can't be from science, how can science produce a natural human being while the technology to create a natural human being through science have not been a grant success till now.
    Now from this aspect i would make it clear that god is something superior in this differentiation if watch closely you may be able to capture the difference
    I tend to say that i am not against science. science is something visible to us but god is not.

    Sudhan A

    "All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers"

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    But I would add that we have never seen god in our life and we are meeting with science in our day today life this may be the difference that many tend to believe science over god.

    It is a very interesting topic discussed over here and I hope i could add some valuable points over here so that it may be useful for the readers to enjoy a two way conversation which says god Vs science and not on the topic only on science over god, I will effectively commenting on god if no one else here is going to post his views on god.

    Sudhan A

    "All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers"

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    Hi sir
    It's really a good topic to discuss in the forum but however and whoever discuss this topic would surely arrive at the conclusion that "Everything is faith". It's like the notion "which came first, hen or Egg ?" We can't arrive at the exact conclusion.

    I support God, because in this day to day world we could see a number of magics and Ghost riders. Light is identified by darkness and good is identified by bad, like wise the satan, devil or ghost makes us to realise God.

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