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    Gotabhaya Rajapaksa's speach against Tamil Nadu Governtment

    Recently Gotabhaya Rajapaksa's spoke wrongly about TN Government, CM & Assembly. But Central Government didn't condemned it and they are giving Red Carpet to Sinhalese MPs. Why India is afraid to speak about Srilanka?

    Hilary's meeting with TN CM shows that even America is not believe India's Speech on Srilanka. Thats why she didn't speak this issue with SM Krishna.
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    The central government is collapsed and the ministers are hiding themselves from the media. There a chances of having connection in the 2G spectrum cases. So, at present all ministers of central government lost their conscious. They find no time to see all those external affairs other than looting money.
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    India is afraid of Srilanka?It is not so.India willingly supporting Srilanka.It is a favoured country .It killed prabakaran who killed Rajiv,the head of our as a wife Sonia gave blank cheque to Rajapatche and he filled the India's duty to support Rajapatche,the coolie, who did the work allotted by boss,sonia.

    It is pity on the part of Kalaignar,savior of world Tamils,has to keep mum when Rajapatche killed lakhs of Tamils. As he is locked with 2G scam.Now Jeya take the action to snatch the title 'the savior of Tamil' from kalaignar.It is all in the game of politics.
    There is a small spark in the dark that the tamils took part in panchayat elections without boycotting and won.Now they realised that the revolutionaries like Nedumaran,vaiko and saviours like kalaignar ,jj won't and could not do the favour upto the level of need .So now they have raised demand for the equality not a seperate ezham .This they had told in Chennai in CPIM's conference on Tamils.Chandrika has told that her children had told that they felt ashamed to say they are a sinhalese.This trend should be developed and all the srilankan should fight for good lives in one side and the govt on the other side.

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    When has the Central government spoken against the srilankan government? This is the insensitive government which India has ever seen.
    They will never speak against Srilanka nor condemn the atrocities done to tamilnadu fisherman.
    This government has a very good External affairs minister who gave a very good speech (reading the contents from the Portuguese minister's speech) in UN.

    Srilankan Tamilians has to find a way to solve their own problem rather than expecting the support from the Indian or the State government. This will never happen.


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