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    How To Identify Tirunelveli

    Tirunelveli is famous for delicious sweet halwa?.. as you all know. It?s a great culinary creation and the visiting card to the inhabitant of Tirunelveli. Tirunelveli halwa is golden brown, has a jelly-like texture and contains a ghee, which gives its distinctively greasy appearance.Because of its divine taste, this sweet dish name spreaded all over. The Tirunelveli peoples are the relatives of alwa, they wouldn?t leave a day without tasting this elixir, even taken with Idli and Dosa.

    But this three centuries old halwa have the interesting backdrop !!!!!

    At first in Tirunelveli, halwa was introduced by the rajputraa peoples of Rajasthan who came to chokampatti (Tirunelveli province) for serving Jamindhars. Those cooks created and presented the wonderful alwa to chokampatti Jamindhar. Early days, the halwa was sold in streets by walk.
    By the year 1882, Mr.Jegan Singh, a father of Halwa opened the first halwa shop in Tirunelveli named ?Tirunelveli halwa?.

    Ok it?s all the history??. We back?.

    Originally the word ?Halwa? derived from the Arabian root means Sweet. The Tirunelveli Halwa is primarily made from wheat, sugar and Ghee. The right proportion of mixing the ingredients and the special recipe of this region are said to its parents.

    ?Invasion of ingredients, many varieties of alwa?s are available around us, Our Tirunelveli alwa is best among all?

    Correct fermentation of wheat milk awarded crumbleness, tiny holes and sharp taste, authentically prepared halwa will last more than 15 days. The combination of ghee, cashewnuts and nutmeg emanates celestial flavour to the alwa. The Thamirabarani river water is the husband for Tirunelveli alwa, the copper content in this water embraced and giving heavenly taste to the sweet dish.

    After its we all know why the halwa has become synonymous with the city, enjoy the taste while visiting to halwa city ?....
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    Hi friend,
    I am very surprised to know these facts about the Halwa and Tirunelveli. I really thank you for giving a great information which are not known to many people of the World, even some Tamilians too don't know. This thread will be a source of information for everyone who come across and search about Tirunelveli Halwa. Its so delightful. Continue your contribution in Tamil Spider in the resource section more to get good cash credits and do follow the instructions in Posting Guidelines to know more about the posting of articles.

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    Hai vignesh,

    Thansk for sharing the information regarding Tirunelveli halwa with the members. You can rewrite by incorporating all information an an article for which you will get good points and cash credits too. Just choose your area according to your taste of knowledge and start contribute.

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    Hi vignesh
    You have good writing skill. You can post this information in article as said by Arul frances and Krishnamoorthy sir. You can get points as well as cash credits through your article posted in resource section. Work for TSR and get pocket money. Dont waste your skills.

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    Hi Vignesh sir,

    Its good to know about the history of Halwa.. but as seniors stated above I too feel that this good forum message could have been posted very well in the article sections and achieved some cash credits and points. Any how it was a detailed information from you. It was a source of knowledge for me.

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