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    Lesser evils could be pardoned when people are not in reach the real solutions

    I do not hate the men who take liquors when they are in trouble in mind or physical pain.I know it is not the right solution. They do sometimes other drugs .Then too i have pity on them not hating .They search for horoscope men or parrot's future telling or godmen for their relief . Sometimes they go to Tirupathi,sabarimalai,guruvayoor ,vellore gold temple for solution.I clearly know that these too give zero solution.
    They always in their homes and in minds praying gods for solution.I never angry with them instead i have solidarity and pity on them.
    They are all having problems.Their solutions are mostly not in their reach.So they approach these useless methods for temporary relief.I would wonder that if these temporary solutions are not used they all would certainly got mad:psychiatric patients would raise more and more .
    The method of finding real solutions to the problems is the right way;in some cases we should realise it is beyond our we should learn to live with problems.if we practice this method then we won't be in need of these lesser evils
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    yes your are right life is full of problem we have should learn to live with that. No man on this earth is living without problem. It does not mean that those who are having huge money and wealth are happy but the actual fact is no. In one corner few suffering for not having enough money to lead normal life and on the other corner few suffering for having huge money. They have to face the court challenge at anytime. So, no man is here without problem.

    Secondly, drinking is not at all a remedy for the problem. All problems should be handled with care, courage and timely act.

    imagination rules the world - Albert Einstein.

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    Hi sir,

    Your thoughts are really excellent and every line gives a lot of meaning. One has realize his self, his atma and his soul. One who understands the self needs nothing. The Liqurse is short remedy for the problem. Its not the real solution.

    The people go in search of god to leave out their burden mentaly. We should know that mental sickness will lead to the distruction of a person. Its not the question weather the ultimate being (God) exists or not. But on the mane of god many people run their life. for this we should praise god.

    Every one's problem are solved only by his own effort. here is nice saying on this ...

    "worry for nothing ......
    because just worrying will never bring any change".

    Defeat the defeat, before the defeat defeats you


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