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    Capitalist America trembling in recession

    We have come to know very lately that America is number one borrower in world .Now it is exceeding its loan ceiling .Obama is begging his opposition party for the last one month to cooperate with him to raise the loan limit .The opposition is laying conditions to approve the demand of Obama. It compels to cut short the allocation for the welfare schemes for the working people and poor and also of the middle class people .As no other go to Obama has agreed to the demand of the opposition.
    This has exposed the America's position that its standard in economy has come down.This reflects in all over the world share markets .Lakhs of crores loss of middle class money is announced and all he share holders are rush to withdraw or sell their shares .
    This implies that the rate of gold going on raising as investors think it is safer than shares .This position of America is going to attack the economy of America's friends who have trade with US .So we can expect to our bank sector a blow .Our govt trying to follow the Boss and open all the doors o our finance sector.It is adanger move.Let us raise our voice against privatisation and globalaisation of our finance sector to save our country .
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    wonderful topic for the discussion. For the last two decades, USA is spending billions of rupees over the combat terrorism. Initially iraq issue, afganisthan issue, then alqueda issue and so on. In addition to these, USA sanction billions of rupees to Pakistan for curtain the terrorist activities in the pakistan. All these made USA to down under the market recession.
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    This is the nice topic for discussion. Now this is one of the major problem to world. In order to compensate their borrowed money from world bank they raise gold price. It affects India because India is the only country that buys gold.


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    Occupy Wall street movement is picking up .People of America began to realise that the govt of Obama also not for the welfare of the people .They go to the capitals of all states to reside there in front of the govt offices. Gathering get momentum and all towns have started the movement.They say 99 % of the people are let down for 1 % of people .They are power brokers ,bankers and share market bosses who rule America and they unilaterally decide all the policies in external,political and economical field.They realise that the wars with Iraq ,Afgan and Libiya are unwarranted.These wars have made the people feel sad for their soldiers and cost of living . So they want down with capitalism and socialism would do better than present regime.They have come to this conclusion from their neighbourhood countries that are in South America that is called as latin America.Most of the countries are ruled by leftist and they take steps to protect their people from the recession by increasing social benefiting schemes . The spread of Fidel Castro Light has awakening them.But Indians are in far distance.

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    Hello friends,
    Now that most of the country are affected by this recession all the nations should work hard globally to find a cause and solution for this problem. It is the situation that should be tackled as soon as possible and If the same exists in the economy the world nations would soon be affected by various parameters like unemployment, more demand and less supply etc., now it is the duty of the well developed country to help those underdeveloped country to improve their living and at the same time develop themselves too. America has been focusing on elimination of terrorism among the world nations and this made the resources scarce in their country.

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    Ireland has selected a left president in the election held last week.This also shows that capitalistic approaches could not satisfy the people as they are now awakened .Medias are making people to accept all lies spreaded by them .They cook news and make them as news .But now they themselves test the news with their real livings and raise to fight with their oppressors.

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