P.Chidambaram is cheating people in Telengana issue

Yesterday P.chidambaram ,honble Minister for home affairs called political parties in Andhra pradesh to come to a conclusion about Telungana.He made more it is the reason for taking a decision on the issue. we thought it he is genuine .But facts varied.TRS ,BJP ,CPM CPI had made their stand openly .It is only congress and TDP the two major parties not made up their mind.They pretend as if they are wishing the both that are telengana and Andhra to catch votes from both area.They have no policy on that.
If he is sincere to call the political parties to take a stand to avoid confusion then he should tell his party and should have taken stand.
BJP is ready for separate state so that to make small states.Thus it wants to ruin the freedom period policy of India language based stats.It wants HINDI only dominate all others .So it wants to make plenty of states and make centre powerful and states weak.CPI say people are emotion so it agree to separate state .CPM say it will open many more states and language based state is a good policy and should be continued.
But congress which is the ruling party is playing with the feelings of people and dragging the issue ,.