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    Discuss: Parents find no time but money for their children.

    In this busy world parents generally finds no time for their children but they have enough money for their kids. It is the major cause for bitterness among parents and children.

    Son came and ask his father to make a kite for him. Father answered, take money from my purse and purchase it from the market as you like. What does it suggests.
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    Hi, friend
    What you said is 100% true. Now a days parents are very busy in their earnings, they haven't time to spend with their children. In this type actions helps to abuse their children to mis leaded by environment. And also children tantalized for their parents love.

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    Hi friend,

    You are right nowadays both the father and mother are going to work and they leave their child in any creche or they appoint a lady to look after the child.

    I live in a flat in Bangalore and I can find in many houses servants appointed to take care of their child. They do not take care properly and just sit and chat with each other because many servants are there in each flat to take care of the child.

    Parents should pay some attention to the child. I am not saying all the parents I am pointing out only those who pay less attention.
    Mothers should avoid leaving their child to maid servants. I agree that our profession is important but I think it is not more important than the child. It is very very bad to leave 3 months old baby to someone to take care. Women should atleast take care of the babies till their third year. They can go back to work when the child is 3 years.

    Some women are in need of money, i.e., they have to go to work for their living so they are exceptional and we cannot blame them but others who go to work to become more richer can just think for a small gap in their profession.


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    Hai Dinesh and Mangala,
    You both wisely put your comments. Thank you so much.
    Less contact and least conversation is the root cause of clash in between children and parents when they grew to adult. Speech is the only medium to understand what our children wanted to become. What is his capacity and so on. So, parents must have some conversation with their children for better understanding.

    imagination rules the world - Albert Einstein.

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    Hi Krishnamoorthy,

    I am glad that you had come up with this topic. This is like a cancer disease that is spreading among educated people living in metropolitan cities. Many people doesn't seem to think that it is a serious issue.

    I will bring out a true incident that has happened recently. Father and mother both are working and the child is left under the care of a caretaker girl. Now the girl is three years old and it is time for the kid to be joined in a play school. First day of the school the child cries to go to school as normally all children do. There is a concept in playschool that for the first week the mother of the child can sit with the child in the class so that the child will get used to to the new environment gradually. When the mother sat with the child in the class the child cried and asked the caretaker girl to sit with her and not her mother.

    We always say that the child-mother love is one that cannot be described in words.
    where is the love here?
    Does money buy the love for them?
    If this is the case for a three year old what would happen when she grows up?
    Is this the environment that we want our children to grow?

    Love is a beautiful thing that has to be passed on from generation to generation. These kind of people seems to forget that we are denying the child the love that we got from our parents.
    Think, Think, Think


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    Hi friends,
    Its a nice trendy topic to discuss in the current scenario. I am very happy to inform you all people that my parents will not come under this topic because they spare their time for my betterment. So, friends do not include all the parents under this category. But I accept that some are doing this kind of things. In this present condition the parents are unable to spend their time. Because if the time is spent then they will lose the amount for spending to children. Due to the lack of the care over children there is a big gap between them. This should be taken in to account and the parents should plan accordingly to take care of their children to make them feel good and be good in the further years too. The foundation is to be made correctly to build the career of children. I am sure, this thread will help the parents who come across our site and help them to take steps.

    with regards,

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    Rajesh and Arul,
    wonderful approach. It is true that all parents cannot be taken into this circle but nowadays the radius of the circle is increasing. Sparing time with their children will definitely help in understanding their needs and desire.

    imagination rules the world - Albert Einstein.

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    It is sure that the parents find difficult to spare time with their children. The reason is mainly due to the financial crisis that the country is surrounded. In this industrial life it is necessary for a family to get income from both side (i.e.) father and mother. But parents should understand that all these things should not create a gap between a mother and a child. So they must take this responsibility and should manage some time with their child for a better life.

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    A good emotional issue and so all have put emotional points, I think.Yes it is good to spend more time with children.Do not the parents know this? They know ,but they couldn't .With much pain only they leave them in creche or with caretaker.In this time one earning would not do for the family.So both the father and mother have to go to job they get .
    What is the solution?In every working place there should be a creche.There is an order to this effect by women's commission , but who cares for it.Next mother sentiment -it is ,if deeply thinking , a trick of men to let the job of taking care of their wards to their wives. If gents seriously feel this they should share the burden of housing works and caring for children.Then this problem would not raise.'Theiva thirumagan' has done a good job in this aspect.It has a message that father can be a 'mother' if they really feel of it. We are letting some burden in the word 'mother' only sentimentally .If fathers do all the jobs related to mother except feeding,as their physical fitness, all fathers can be mothers

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