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    Doubts regarding Auto High Light of my resources published

    Hi Kiran,

    I have published an article today and yesterday and i like to highlight my problem which i faced as below

    1.Yesterday when i published my articles half part of my article second part ie,lower side was highlighted in bold blue colour.

    2.Today i published an article consisting of various steps and to bring to your attention the lower part of my article from step:7 till the end of my article was bold and in black colour after its publication when i went through its review.

    I have highlighted only the required keyword in bold but I dont know how it happened and where did I it went wrong with it and could you help me in finding a solution into it to correct in my future articles to be published.
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    Hello Naina Khan,
    Add me in G talk and Come online!

    A S Kranthi Kiran

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    Hai kiran,

    Iam online in G talk.I have sent you a request.Have you accepted it else sent me a request as Iam Online.

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    Hi friend,
    Sorry for the late response. I thought of informing you about this matter. Any how I can help you with this thing, because I too had experienced this. This problem is due to the wrong closure of H3 or H2 tag. Try to close the H2 or H3 tag with this < /H2 > or < /H3 > accordingly at correct places to close the heading tag. Do not leave spaces between <> this symbols as I have shown.

    with regards,

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    Hi Arul,

    Thanks for your response and guidance.Hope this information might be very useful to me in posting my future resources.I will try this exercise with my next resource and convey you the result.

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    While writing bold tags often we forget to close the tag by putting / symbol due to which the whole para converted into bold. So no worry this can done by re-editing the article and put / symbol wherever necessary that will give you a good view of your article.
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