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    Doubts regarding posting Multiple Images into the Resources

    Hi Members,

    I have few Basic Doubts regarding posting of images and can anyone help me into it at the earliest as i have to post my resource.

    1.Is it possible to post Multiple Images?

    2.If so,Can I attach multiple path for source of my images at a single shot?

    3.Can I copy all the Image links to my PC and then attach the required links in specific place?

    4.Will the Images get automatically aligned or should I work onto it?If so how can it be done?

    Please don't mistaken me in asking you such a Basic Question.All this is because i have now only started to post my Resources and like to learn the Basic to produce Good Outcome of Results.
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    Hello Naina Khan,
    1. Yes you can post multiple images in a single resource but make sure that they are not copyrighted. First post them in TSR using "attachments" option and use the TSR image link after that.

    2. No you cannot!

    3. What do you mean by copying the links? This is the basic html code for adding the images - img src='Tamilspider image link' alt='Name of the Image' align='left' style='padding:10px'

    4. No, they won't align automatically, you have to align left or right or center
    Example - img src='Tamilspider image link' alt='Name of the Image' align='left' style='padding:10px'
    img src='Tamilspider image link' alt='Name of the Image' align='right' style='padding:10px'
    img src='Tamilspider image link' alt='Name of the Image' align='center' style='padding:10px'

    Btw, your resource on How to File your Income Tax Returns Online is good but remember that we accept only Tamilnadu based articles. I'll accept this this as you are a newbie but concentrate on Tamilnadu articles in near future. And I strongly suggest you at add me In G talk My id is - urskranthi[dot]kiran[at]gmail[dot]com

    A S Kranthi Kiran

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    Hi Kiran,

    Thanks for your guidance.I have prepared another detail article similar to my previous article thinking it may be common and useful to all but I am in doubt whether I can post it in TS and like to know whether it can act as a TN Resources and I am in need of your help at this moment.How can I contact you?regarding the issue.

    I have attached you to my friends list in G talk and I am waiting for your acceptance.

    Kindly keep in touch......

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    Hello Naina Khan,
    I didn't get any request, please send it again!

    A S Kranthi Kiran

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    After submitting the resource, edit the same resource for adding attachements. while editing you will have 'add attachement' option click on it. You will be asked of image name and the location. Browse and select then submit. After loading there will be three links.
    Download link
    image link
    small image link
    you have to copy the path of image link and paste it inside your article wherever you want to add the image. The image can be alligned as per the briefing of our webmaster.

    imagination rules the world - Albert Einstein.

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