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    A few lines about me

    Hai all,

    This is S.NAINA KHAN.Thanks for your patience in reading my profile.A newborn baby to this site.I am a self starter who don't want to live an ordinary life and i have spent a good deal of time in fantasizing about my life and i want to give my family everything they deserve and i want to enjoy and live with my dreams.....

    I was looking for a right path way to earn money in order to satisfy my desire while one day on the way towards my browsing history i came to know about Tamil Spider and totally inspired towards its growth and contributions and due to this all of sudden it made me to create a list of goals that i was wondering and looking forward to achieve.

    Last but not least finally i found a way to serve others in right way and make a difference in my life.

    I feel proud in being a member of Tamil Spider with my active participation in order to hit my bucket list of goals at the earliest....

    Looking for a good Patronage guidance,support and help from the experts in all ways.
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    Hi Naina khan,
    You have choosen the right site to earn money. First read the posting guidelines which says about the do's and don't in this site. The rules are simple that you can follow easily. Then try to contribute some resource, get yourself admitted in award programs and reward programs announced by our webmaster. You can gain cash credits for the every quality post you contribute. Points are different from cash credits. More points will fetch you more cash credits. Try to contribute more in resource section.

    I would try to remember that don't copy paste in the resource section that you submit. You can refer from other sites and frame the sentence using your own words. To copy as such what is available in other site. Writing article as such what is available in news paper is also one of the policy violation. Read the posting guidelines once you can understand easily

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    Hi Mr.Naina Khan,
    Warm Welcome to a good site which is a decent market place where sharing of knowledge makes you money. Our mass contributor to this site, Mr.Venkata Kumar have given a lot to make you learn to post resources. As an additional I ask you to check for the copyrights on the image while adding image to your resources. Because if the image is copyrighted then it will affect your resource as well as Tamil Spider.

    Again I am insisting you to check for the Posting Guidelines. You will be supported by our Members of the site. Don't worry at all. Really our site members will guide you properly and if the thing is something unusual, our webmaster will guide you timely when you need any clarification. Congrats in advance for fetching bucket full of goals, Profile full of points and pockets full of money.

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    Hi Mr.Venkata Kumar,

    My Hearty Thanks for your response.I read your message and came to know that Planning in advance about the article we are going to post based on our interest and its quality of content can help us to fetch more readers with a decent income.Moreover having a complete knowledge about the posting guidelines and towards my contribution of resources and my involvement in various activities can let me to certain height of extent.

    I hope all the above can came only through practice and i am awaiting for a good support and responses towards my articles to be posted in future.Soon to see you back with my good quality content of article.

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    Hi Mr.Arul,

    My heart filled thanks for your greetings of success towards me.From the responses given by you and Mr.Venkata Kumar i came to know about the priority level that i should give towards Posting Guidelines as it is going to act as my backbone towards the resources i am going to contribute.moreover i hope it would be not bad in having a personal checklist about the criteria to be met before posting any article that will let me a good response and decent income.

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    Hi Naina Khan,

    I welcome you to Tamilspider. Arul and Venkat have already given all the guidelines.

    I want to give you a small suggestion. I think you will take in the right sense and this is not for hurting you.

    Just leave a space after the punctuations like comma, full stop, etc. and always use capital letters for "I".

    Wish you all the best.


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    Hi Mangala,

    My special thanks for your best suggestion given to me. Don't mistaken me i was only looking for such a feedback from the experts. Looking for more help and guidance from you. Will be back soon with a good article....

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