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    Views about World's End in 2011

    Hi friends,
    I am glad to have a discussion in this topic with you all members. Every one born in this world as a Human Being wants to live in this Earth for many years. But everything that has a Beginning will surely have an ending. Like wise our earth is lacking its resources and its lifetime had been already predicted by the 'Mayan Calender'. According to it, the Earth is going to end on December 21,2012. Friends discuss your comments here. Every comment is welcomed.

    with regards,
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    These all are baseless predictions. Rumors have no boundaries and in addition to these they don't prove anything. Spreading rumors is the most easiest thing in the present world.
    imagination rules the world - Albert Einstein.

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    These are all baseless predictions which have been going around for a long time. It is better to ignore these kind of rumors and concentrate on useful things.



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    hello friends,
    i think our mother earth is still young. There is more than million years for human survival.All our technologies and inventions may not be hard enough to defeat the nature's threat but there is a chance to escape using our technologies.More over men is also taking necessary steps to save the Mother Earth,so i think earth is not going to retreat us.

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    Arul change your view or your assets to me with effect from 22-12-2012 as it is the next day to the world's end.I will be very happy.If you are strong in your opinion you should accept my request without any hesitation.will you ?

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    Hi Mr.Vasudevan,
    How humorous you are! But friend these things were not predicted by me and I just wanted to know about the people's views about the World's Destiny towards End. Ok friend I will surely change the assets of mine to the hands of the needy if I get clear notification from anyone on the day before 21.12.2012. Thanks to the members of TSR for your valuable comments in this discussion forum.

    with regards,

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