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    We must learn and speak Hindi which is our National Language

    We must value of our mothertongue.. But at the same time we must be aware of other languages as well, atleast our national language..
    It is to worry that Hindi not subjected as compulsory subject only in Tamil Nadu. There are many people suffering when they started their carrier in North India.
    We must feel shame that tamil nadu people dont know the national language. People can often see others laugh at us when they visit north india, if we dont know hindi even can hear the statement, are you from tamil nadu.
    We must urge the government to begin action in this matter.
    And we must use hindi in our daily life as much as possible.
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    Who told Hindi is the National Language of India. Go and Check Indian Constitution. Thanks for your idiotic concern on Tamil Nadu and Tamilians.
    Suresh Kumar R.
    Engal Vazhvum Engal Valamum Mangaadha Tamizh Endru Sangae Muzhanku

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    Hi friend,
    Really Hindi was first announced as National Language of India and due to some conflicts, English was announced as the Co-Language and made in to practice. The thought about our Tamilians by Sahaya is very bad. Many of our people of Tamil Nadu are contributing a great in many fields including the Literature in North India too. But the notable thing is that the Government of Tamil Nadu has not made the Hindi Language as a strict one in the subjects yet. This condition should change. Thank you Sahaya for your discussion in this good topic but make sure not to blame our Tamil People.

    with regards,

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    Hindi is not a National language of India and India doesn't have any National language. Pls check.

    Hindi is not banned in TN. Anyone can learn it if they have interest. Why should Tamil Nadu make a Hindi language as a strict one? Why should I force to learn it? what is the use of it? I couldn't get it.

    Please see the Health of every state in India. Southern states, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab are not the Hindi lands. But they are the most progressing states in India. Language doesn't have any relationship with development.

    Suresh Kumar R.
    Engal Vazhvum Engal Valamum Mangaadha Tamizh Endru Sangae Muzhanku

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    Nowadays people are taking more interest in learning Hindi. Now they feel HIndi also one of their requirements for getting good job in Gulf countries. Languages are like windows,if we open more windows you can see better world. Therefore, no languages is restricted. Everyone is free to learn any language.
    imagination rules the world - Albert Einstein.

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    Hi Sahaya,

    What is there to be ashamed if we don't know Hindi?
    I believe one should feel ashamed only if he is not able to talk properly in their mother tongue language.
    Learning a particular language should stem from individuals interest and should not be forced upon them.

    Many people used to laugh at the Chinese as they don't speak English properly. But they are the economically developed country in the world. Companies in US and UK are opening their offices in China. There is no relation between language and development. It is the attitude of the people that matters the most.


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    Learning and gaining knowledge to speak in hindi helps you. Only southern part of India lacks hindi skills. Hindi is our national language it helps when you go to north. In northern regions they wont give respect to english language. So it is better to learn hindi soon. There are many places available in north for jobs and also many more tourist spots. Without hindi knowledge surviving there is uneasy. In India the top essential languages are hindi and english. These will surely help for your jobs as well as in tourist spots. Remember we all know to talk aleast in poor english but many don't know to talk in Hindi which is our national language.

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    We may know or learn Hindi but it is not a must If i am accepted as a citizen of my country I must be addressed by the govts or i could address the govts in my mother tongue

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    Hi friends,
    All the languages are important in this world. Because without knowing language the people may not communicate properly. The language preparation are must be depend upon a desire man, Who wanna learn other language. According to India some political reasons have been frustrating to learn a other language.
    So my opine is all the languages are important.


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    Why hindi? All the languages are the product of work .While men are jointly working they have to communicate to finish their work satisfactorily. So all languages should be respected.
    Education is a thinking learning process.So it should be natural excercise.For that mother tongue is the best to learn.All the educationists are insisting this.This does not implies that learning other languages is a fault or needless.As barathi =senriduviir eettuththikkum konarndhinge serppir = we have to translate all the knowledges to our mother tongue.Therby all can get good knowledge.If on have to go to other state or country he can take interest to learn that language .If ther is aneed ,the needy person have to learn that and it could be done with simple effort. Our society is stable,If we correctly calculate ,one or two persent of the people are migrating and they learn the language needed by practice.But for this reason try to thrust all other 98 % people to learn other language. There is politics and economics behind the language policy .so we to be coscious towards our mother tongue.

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