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    Political corruption

    hai friends,
    what is the only reason for corruption in indian government?
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    Hi friend,
    Your topic is very good to be discussed in this forum in the present situation. The term 'corruption' has its existence from the very old days of the invention of Currency notes. But as a note, the term Political Corruption is very popular nowadays. This is because the higher officials with political background are indulging much in corruption than ordinary people. The main reason for this type of corruption is, there is no law to control them all. The corruptions made by these kind of people spreads like 'forest fire' but it disappears like 'Snow in the Sun'. So let us support for the campaign for supporting the drafting of JAN LOKPAL BILL.
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    The only reason is 'greediness'. Habit of stealing money from all possible compel corruption. Aspiration to become a millionaire within no time and no hard work.
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    hi friends,
    I have something interesting more to share.Every organism in this world has a thirst for prey.Every animals, birds,insect has the inner will to own others prey.when its requirement is complete,the will changes its path.Man,an evolutioned creature has no exeption.when his hunger for food is complete,his inner will changes him to hunt for money.but men should understand his position in this world and should turn his path towards sociality.

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    The level of corruption and the form it takes is also varying rather systematically with the political setting. Corruption levels and forms vary with the regime type within which it occurs. One widely held general assumption is that the level of corruption corresponds negatively with democratisation, i.e. that the level of corruption is
    decreasing with increasing levels of democracy.

    In countries with rather weak authoritarian regimes, however, and in countries in transition, the autocratic order has broken down, but the new political and administrative state institutions have not yet gained full political legitimacy and operational capacity. Democratisation and liberalisation, which implies a broader
    distribution of powers as well as opportunities, may have the effect of "decentralizing" corruption to local political bosses, to new "political entrepreneurs" and to upcoming brokers and businessmen. Democratisation also provide new incentives for corruption, in particular in the mounting of electoral campaigns, in the
    struggle for senior political and civil service offices, in the lucrative possibilities of formerly state-owned property and businesses up for privatisation, and in securing
    oneself in a situation of both political and economic uncertainty. The sudden spread of civil, political and economic freedoms has in many places opened up to an era of licence without responsibility, where freedom from oppression has been confused with freedom from any authority and any responsibility.

    Political democratisation nevertheless implies several sets of institutions,procedures, and values that may significantly reduce the level of corruption, when consolidated. The most important anti-corruption measures are institutional checks and balances, the rule of law, free access to information and the right to criticise, and openness in the decision-making processes. Thus, with democratic consolidation, countries in transition may increase the ophistication of these institutions and procedures, and overcome the disease of rampant corruption. The battle against corrupt practices is thus a part of the broader democratic struggle for a clean and accountable government as well as for responsible citizens.

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    Hi guys
    This is nice topic to discuss. To stop corruption a new leader in India should come. We can't stop corruption by the existing leaders. The existing leaders are already corrupted which everyone knows. Existing leader cannot stop corruption and they also cannot change their activity. So my opinion is requirement of new non corrupted leader in India.

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    We always fight with image than object. We condemn Kapil cipal when he write off punishment ,fine for Reliance company from 625 crores of rupees to only five crores .But don't say anything on Ambanis who are the root cause of corruption . we wonder the gain of mediators while letting off original benefits like reliance .Their gain is the more and more money of people .They loot our country giving token amount to mediators.They are politicians .After the globalaisation era market decides all-govt,price ,wage,corruption ,form of govt ,rules acts .So if we really interested in fighting corruption we should oppose LPG is liberalisation,privataisation and globalaisation .They are the root cause of recent blast of continuous corruption cases.

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