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    Remedies for yellow teeth

    Smiles can make a million move.It is highly visible that many people suffer from yellow teeth.Here is a list of some remedies that could be used to cure yellow teeth

    .Use a pinch of soda bicarbonate along with your tooth paste while brushing teeth.Doing this regularly will reduce the yellowness of the teeth that makes us to feel.

    .In rural areas,we could see people using powdered charcoal along with toothpaste,this will make your teeth look whiter instantly as we all know its a common practice in villages.

    .An apple a day keeps a doctor away is a famous comes yet another remedy eating an apple after a meal prevents us from plaque formation as well as yellowing of teeth.

    .We use orange peels in cooking and consume it when we feel thirsty.Do you people know rubbing our teeth with the inner white surface of orange peels gives us a smooth sheen.

    .Strawberries act as natural teeth whitners.Rub a piece of strawberry over your teeth after meals to make them shine and whitner.
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    Hi friends,
    The things said by miss R Sambu mani priya is correct. You can cure your yellowing of teeth by above method. In addition brushing using salt keeps your teeth shining. Brushing twice a day must be practised by every one. Every should brush your tooth one time at morning and other time at nights. Mouth is the part where all food enter. If your tooth is not clean it may lead you to diseases. You will be often get stomach ache due to low maintenance of tooth. If you got any holes in you teeth visit doctor immediately.Be clean.

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    Hi Friends,
    This is a nice topic to have a discussion at it. This topic gives awareness to those who are suffering and it also acts as a best prevention. The points given by both Mr.Venkat and R Sambu mani priya are really appreciable. Additionally I am giving some points here.
    1. Common Salt and Lime are very good in cleaning and giving shine to our teeth.Rub anyone of this a week after/before brushing gives you good results.

    with regards,

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    Its really a good message. The people who suffer from this can make use of this points.

    those who have the yellow teeth would not be liked by others. As it gives an ugly expression and makes a bad opinion about that particular person. Its good that these type of persons try to change them and become a normal happy go man in the social

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    Hello friends,
    It is a really good and informative post raised by you I think there are many peoples who are affected by the yellow teeth and are asking for remedies in shops and are using various chemicals to make their teeth white which causes many disadvantages. I would suggest this method suggested by you to my friends who are affected by this problem. The first two options are very economical in nature and it can be affordable to even the citizens in the rural areas.

    Sudhan A

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    in addition to the above mentioned point, brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. wash your mouth after every meal.

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