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    Need google adsense approval

    dear ones,

    i would like to start online business in trichy. recently i have heared about google adsense and adwords even i have blogspot till 2009. i am trying no of times to get approval from google always i got failure. please any one help me to this. where i can find office which is giving approval for google adsense.

    prakash k
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    hello prakash sir,
    There are two things in google related to advertisement one is google adsence means displaying others advertisement in your website. Another is adwords which means you can display your company advertisement in others website.Example if samsung is your company you can display samsung advertisement in facebook.

    Google adsense
    Google adsence pays you. You can recieve money from google adsence for the advertisement displayed in your website. For this you need website or your own blog. This website and blog should be search friendly then only google will approve you.

    Google adwords
    You need to pay to google for displaying your company advertisement.

    Magic lines

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    Hello Prakash,

    If you want to get a google adsense account through your blog, then you need to fulfill the following conditions,

    1. Your Blog must be atleast six months old.
    2. There must be atleast 20 articles.

    Quality and traffic of your articles also matters. If your articles are just copied from other sites then there are no chances of getting approval. You cannot contact google's office for these matters.

    Adwords is a completely different program and you just need to pay Google for the adwords.

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    dear all,

    i know which is mentioned by you. thanks for your reply at the same time i have own blgog, now am planning to get new website also. now blog address is first of all i want to know one thing, i applied no of times to get approval for adsense, but they are rejected they told my name is mismatched in my profile, even i checked lot of time, but its correct.

    i searched in online, somebody is asking 1500 to 2000Rs to get approval from googel adsense. these are all guranteed or scam?

    prakash k

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    Hi praksh
    It is definitely a scam you cannot assure them. My friend has done this and he loss his money. Moreover Rs.2000 is too big amount dont loss your money unnecessarily. For that you can post articles in this site and earn money. Also if you own adsence account it will not pay you in fast track. Your website much reach traffic level and so many clicks in your blog or website. Try gettin adsence approval in Tamil spider or some spider site you can associate easily your blog once your account is approved.


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    hi venkat,

    thanks for your information, could you please tell me step by step procedure to get approval from google which is through tamilspider. if i want to get approval from google what i want to do.

    prakash k

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    Hi Prakash,
    I want to share you my piece of experience to get a google Adsense approval through Tamil Spider. For getting approval, you must satisfy any 5 of the following Conditions.
    1. Profile details with Address updated
    2. Minimum 10 valid articles approved
    3. Achieved GOLD Level(For this you have to get 500 points)
    4. Received atleast 1 prize from Tamil Spider
    5. Member Active for 6 months and more
    6. Profile photo uploaded and verified by the webmaster

    This are the steps to do to get Google Adsense Approval through this website.
    Visit here to Get clear knowledge about Posting Articles in Tamil Spider

    with regards,

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