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    Is this tamil or tamizh?

    I would say that the pronunciation change from tamizh to tamil is only because of the British people...tamizh is the exact word that suits the wealth of the language...

    This same problem arises with "palani --pazhani"
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    Hi friend,
    Tamizh is the correct one. This letter is unique and available only in Tamil. British people changed according to their convenient. Tamil language has its own uniqueness. This one of the easiest language. All good things in life is said by Thiruvalluvar who is Tamizh person. Tamil words have rich meaning. Old Tamil words are beautiful to listen and they have good meaning in it. But nowadays every district speaks Tamil language differently. The slang varies from one district to another.

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    it is for the simple reason, Only very few languages in the world has equivalent pronounciation as Thamizh. (French, malayalam etc). when English speaking people recorded Thamizh as Tamil for their pronounciation and writing comforts that become known as Tamil. it is also helps other people recognize. when you say Thamizh some may think it is new language.
    The proper English way to spell it is Tamil, since the "ZH" is not natively pronounced in English as the L-like sound it is intended to be used as. The "ZH" is used as a marker for Tamilians who are able to pronounce the "ZH" as it is intended.

    So basically it is only spelled with the "ZH" when the intended audience knows the proper pronunciation. When the audience is mixed (like on the internet or pretty much any place outside of of Tamil Nadu), you would use the standard English spelling of Tamil.

    Also it would be Tamizhan when pronounced with the "ZH", and would be Tamilian when the l is used.

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    hi friends,
    since the word tamil is a noun there is no change in meaning and spelling but in correct tamil pronunciation it should be written as tamizh

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    I think Tamil is more suitable as compared to Tamizh. This is all about pronunciation. This is not an English word so how we can give the exact pronunciation. English is completely phonetic language which gives the sound under various condition.
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