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    Increased divorce cases in Tamilnadu

    The divorce cases have increased in our state when compared to the old days.
    Both men and women divorce and remarry and this has become very common nowadays.
    They divorce for very simple reasons also. I think the reasons for divorce are
    1. Misunderstanding
    2. Ego
    3. Lack of communication
    4. No give and take policy

    Women today are well-educated and well-placed in high positions so they are not like the older generation women who believe "Kallanalum Kanavan" and "Pullanallum Purushan" and several other sayings.

    Women fight for their right and they apply for divorce if something is untolerable. These cases are okay, but some women and men divorce for simple reasons which they can solve.

    Divorces not only affect the husband-wife relationship, it mainly affects the children.

    Share your opinions about this.
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    it is supposed that there are many reason for divorces.

    some of them are:

    Ego-related conflicts,


    western culture,

    'strange' habits, the stress of managing adjustment and inevitable disappointments,

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    Divorce occurs for silly reasons like misunderstanding, doubts, public view about couples and many thing.
    According to me SACRIFICE is the only thing that should be learned between husband and wife. Many males thing women are inferior to them and they control them this should be avoided. Everything should be discussed with their wife even it is silly matter. It makes them happy and gives confident to them. Also some women have more desire that they need more and more jewellery. They give pressure to their husband. This should be avoided.

    Story of Mankatha

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    It has one more aspect.That is the right thinking of women is increasing It should not be seen as a danger May be a good sign .Men should learn to live adjusting with women shedding away their superiority complex.Though they are not superior they are always torturing wives as they tied three knots in a thread

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    This is because of awareness among the women. Earlier, women used to bear all those physical and mental assault just by saying its all my destiny but nowadays women are well educated and know little bit law even to village women. So, no one is ready to compromise with the exploitation in each and every aspect of life. Increasing divorce is a worrying factor and everyone should think behind the reason for such huge number of divorce. I think we have lagging behind in imparting moral values to our children and that lead to this type of misleading in this life.
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    Moral values would be followed by all if it is possible to follow.Only preaching them and leading lives against them is happening .So the society is the main cause for all good and bad .

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    It is that all the 4 reasons are connected in one way or another to each other. Among the divorce cases most of them are from love marriage couples who fail to love after their marriage due to the varying responsibilties of eachone. If the couples have a speech of 5 minutes at such situations, divorce cases will be less in number.

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    Hi friends,
    A nice topic for capturing attraction of the visitors to come across this and share their views. According to my view the main reason for the divorce cases are due to the misunderstanding and dominance of one over the other. Another reason is due to the overwork and job tensions. Many get divorced due to the less time spent among them. The time is the main reason for the divorce cases. The problems should be made to the end line as soon as it arises in the initial stage itself. When this factor is done frequently the couples who go to court for the purpose of divorce will soon goes to null condition.

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    Divorce is not an easy job.Anyone especially a woman thinks plenty of time before getting divorce.They try many times to live adjustable.They speak and speak many times.At last, Unbearable pain, mental and physical ,make them decide to separate from one another. This society make men and women love each other but it does not allow them peacefully .so only love marriages break.Love marriages are seen as a criminal deed.Ego of parents and relations do not allow them peacefully.If they ok the marriage and accept the feelings of their siblings then all will be ok.
    In some other cases men domination is the main cause.It is also a cause of the society. They get money,jewels,motorcar or bike and spend them.Then again drive them to bring more.Some drunken monkeys show their courage with their wives regularly.Would you preach them live patiently bearing the slaps of cruel beasts .What is the wrong in divorcing these men.Let the minds of women get free and let them live in their own legs.Please encourage divorces at the last stage

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